Good news: Prince Narula’s father discharged from hospital after treatment for dengue, wife Yuvika Chaudhary and sister Geetika admitted

Popular couple Rajkumar Narula and Yuvika Chaudhary are currently going through a difficult time. A few days ago, his entire family, including Prince Yuvika, was hospitalized due to the viral disease dengue, from where a picture was revealed. Now the good news is that Prince’s father has been allowed to go home from the hospital after his health improves. On the other hand wife Yuvika and other members are still in the hospital.

The couple’s entire family was in poor health for a few days after which they were tested. The test revealed that Prince, Yuvika, Print’s father, sister Geetika and her son Rishabh had dengue. He was then hospitalized. It is now being told that Prince’s father Joginder Pal Narula has been discharged from the hospital and has been discharged. While the other family is taking time to recover.

Recently Prince Narula shared a beautiful photo on insta in which he hugged the young man who is undergoing treatment in the hospital. “We’ll be fine soon,” the prince wrote. Yuvika Chaudhary, Didi Geetika Narula, Rishabh Chhabra and Pappa. We have all gone viral. And yes, I want to let anyone go towards Chandigarh or Mohali who says that it is viral and it is in the air. It can happen all over the house if it happens to one and it is very painful. So please wear a mask and stop eating outside. ‘

October 12 marks the second wedding anniversary of Rajkumar and Yuvika. The two had a small celebration at home amid illness. Yuvika shared her photos on social media. “I don’t have words to say thanks for all the well wishes,” the actress wrote, noting that Corona had contracted dengue. We have dengue this year due to which we did not celebrate. Thank God there is no corona. We’ll be fine in a few days. ‘