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Gonzalo García Vivanco, happy in “La Desalmada”

Gonzalo García Vivanco, happy in

Gonzalo García Vivanco, happy in “La Desalmada”

“Fantastic” location, a story that will captivate the audience and offer the first-class cast the melodrama “La Desalmada”, which will premiere today, and in which Gonzalo García Vivanco takes part in love with the character of a country man who will do anything to please the woman he loves.

This is how the actor talks about it in an interview with the newspaper, in which he details his character and speculates about what this melodrama is about.

Gonzalo assures that he is very excited about the premiere of the project, in which he gives life to Rigoberto Murillo, the son of a farm foreman, who grows up without his mother, who forms a difficult relationship with his father. Because they love each other, but they are country people who are not used to express their feelings in words or actions.

There is conflict between them, as the father has a habit of handling his son with a blow, as was taught earlier, but when he grew up he ran away as a person who no longer treated him or treated him. was not ready to molest.

He states that Rigoberto is in love with childhood friend Isabella Gallardo, a character played by Kimberly dos Ramos, but it is an impossible love, because she is the farmer’s daughter, and because she marries his best friend Rafael. going to do. Toscano, played by Jose Ron.

His character states that he is neither wholly good nor evil, nor in plot, just in his case, he has to do bad things out of goodness and nobility, doing everything with which he wants her to. asks. order to please him.

Share that, although the telenovela has those melodramatic touches, in which the poor fall in love with the rich and conflict over social classes, it is a project that embraces modernity in the way the characters are presented, in the way of storytelling. Hugs and the tone is not as melodramatic as before.

He assures that the story in “La Desalmada” is told in a very engaging way, with the fact that, he predicts, the public will like places that are “imaginary and precious”.

He details that they are filming in Malinalco, Mexico state, in some “beautiful” haciendas, and that in the soap operas you will be able to see not only those environments, but also the horses used in the recording.

In relation to the work with their colleagues, the professionalism of the artists is different, there is no arrogance, so an “incredible energy” arises.

Whereas actor Alberto Estrella, who is her father in the melodrama, says that he is the best companion she can have, as he is very generous and learns from her all the time, even when they are talking .

He confirms that performing scenes with her is simple, because “you don’t have to act, you just let yourself be carried away by what she’s given.”

The telenovela will run for about five months and the recording of the episodes is already advanced.

Gonzalo García emphasizes that “La Desalmada” will have a lot of emotion, action, romance, and everything related to the genre of drama, and results in a melodrama with actors and locations that cannot be missed. IRIS Onion


“La Desalmada” starring Livia Brito and Jose Ron in the lead roles will air Monday through Friday at 9:30 pm. The first actresses Ana Martin, Eduardo Santamarina and Marlene Favela made up the cast.