Home Entertainment “Gomita” may lose its stage title. Is it simply Aracely?

“Gomita” may lose its stage title. Is it simply Aracely?

Gomita podría perder su nombre artístico

Following the motive force’s grievance, it was reported that the daddy threatened to not let her work as a result of he had the rights to her stage title.

MEXICO.- Araceli Ordaz, higher identified by her stage title as “Jelly bean”, nonetheless have Issues along with his father after accusing him of beating her whereas attempting to defend her mom, who found that her husband was untrue to her along with her son’s good friend’s sister.

Nevertheless after “Jelly bean” verify to be Sufferer of violence when exposing the bodily aggression that her father practiced on her and her mom, Mrs. Elizabeth Campos; the youtuber additionally submitted a Restriction order towards Alfredo Ordaz Barajas, his father.

However the supposed unbeliever and girl bully would have determined to take motion towards the influencer, so he would give it some thought forbid him use the title “Gomita”.

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Can “Gomita’s” father take his title away?

The leisure journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante returned to his YouTube program through which the controversy is the host of TV “Gomita” who exhibited his father by claiming to be Sufferer of violence his half.

at Video shared on the platform, Adolfo Infante commented that the daddy of the TV presenter he threatened her with deliver away her and her little brothers Stage names, then Alfredo Ordaz Barajas is the proprietor of the names “Gomita”, “Lapicito” and “Lapizín”.

As well as, the person would have mentioned that he would take her youngest son from Elizabeth Campos.

“That he will take away Gomita’s mother Lapizín,” the journalist revealed. “Well, a little, right? Because she lived on her children for many years,” replied Jessica Gil Porras.

Above all Gustavo Adolfo Infante He additionally introduced that “Gomita’s” father has a loving relationship with “Lapicito’s” sister-in-law. Dad beat her and even ripped off the extensions whereas attempting to defend her mom.

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How is “Gomita”?

The motive force shared a Video through your Instagram account thank the samples of affection Of his followers, he claimed there “to be the best face”.

“Here I smile at you as always and give the best face to all of my fans who have supported me, thanks to everyone who sent me messages to make me feel good,” commented “Gomita”.

Araceli has highlighted that too am a bit of scared What may occur to him, however that is precisely why he determined to make the problem of violence that he lives along with his father public.

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