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Golden Globes 2022 will not be streamed live, will take place without an audience and without a red carpet

Golden Globes will also honor artists in 2022 after NBC canceled the ceremony

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing controversy surrounding the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, this year’s Golden Globe Awards will be a very different experience.

The HFPA announced on Tuesday that the ceremony – traditionally the start of the awards season – will take place without an audience and without a red carpet. Only “selected members and fellows” of the HFPA will be in the room under strict COVID protocols as the winners will be announced on January 9th at the Beverly Hilton – although the HFPA press release made no mention of how this year’s nominees and the winners were will be involved in the ceremony itself.

In addition, an HFPA spokesperson told ET on Thursday that the award ceremony will be a “private event” and will not be streamed live. The winners will be announced in real time on the. announced Golden Globes website and social media.

“The Golden Globe Awards will not only recognize the best film and television awards of 2021, but will also shed light on the longstanding philanthropic work of the HFPA and present a number of fellows during the program,” said the HFPA publication.

The ceremony will also include remarks from Kyle Bowser, senior vice president of the NAACP Hollywood Bureau, who will continue to discuss the Reimagine Coalition, a joint five-year initiative to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in the global entertainment industry: “Every year HFPA and that NAACP Hollywood Bureau will work together, fund, and support a number of groundbreaking initiatives with the overall goal of ensuring the visibility of projects by artists of various races and ethnicities, increasing industry diversity, and creating avenues for inclusion young artists and color journalists. “

Before the Golden Globe Awards last February, the Los Angeles times revealed that the HFPA did not have black members on its electoral body of international journalists. During the 2021 television broadcast, three senior members took to the stage to address the issue directly, and the organization later promised 13 percent black members within the year.

NBCUniversal announced in May that it would not air the 2022 Golden Globes amid the ongoing controversy surrounding the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

“We continue to believe that the HFPA is committed to meaningful reform,” NBCUniversal said in a statement at the time. “However, changing this magnitude will take time and work, and we strongly believe that it will take time for the HFPA to get it right, so NBC will not be broadcasting the 2022 Golden Globes.”

In a separate statement, the HFPA replied: “Regardless of the next Golden Globes broadcast date, implementing transformative changes as quickly – and as carefully as possible – remains the top priority for our organization.”

See more about the Golden Globes – and who made it onto the list of nominees this year – in the video below.


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