Home Entertainment Godfather de Fuá & Mafud in concert

Godfather de Fuá & Mafud in concert

Godfather de Fuá & Mafud in concert

The successful band and the Yucatecan, in this city today

Related styles that explore new trends and embrace representative musical genres from different geographic points will be the main feature of the “Paté de Fuá & Mafud” concert offered by this band and the Yucatec singer-composer Jorge Armando Loría Mafud within the framework of the Mérida Fest 2022. Today and tomorrow at the Paseo de Montejo auction.

Mafud, 30 years old, who has gradually asserted himself in the field of music in the last 10 years, with suggestions of his own authorship in genres such as bolero and jazz, has something in the songs “Age” and “Un Trío”. , which the audience liked the most and which can be heard mainly on digital platforms.

When interviewed about this concert, the singer-songwriter recalled that he maintains a certain communication and rapprochement with the band “Paté de Fuá”, so he did not hesitate when the call for the program of activities for Mérida Fest 2022 took place to propose his participation in a concert where he and the band could share the stage and even pay tribute to Maestro Armando Manzanero a year after his death.

Mafud is working on a new record project which he will announce later.

“Paté de Fuá has been a great example to follow in my career, it inspires me in my own events, projects and productions,” he explained.

“These will be two acoustic concerts where I will have the opportunity to open with my own songs and accompanied by my musicians; then the band Paté de Fuá will have their presentation, including a moment to pay tribute to the Manzanero teacher; It will be a very special concert with some surprises, even the band and I will share some songs,” he recalled.

“This sincere tribute to Manzanero helps to commemorate a year after his death, without a doubt his musical legacy is worth admiring and preserving,” he commented.

Both concerts are free, but due to Covid, tickets are required to control capacity. Tickets are available at Tusboletos.mx. — Emanuel Rincon Becerra

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“Paté de Fuá mixes tarantellas, dixieland, musette, tango and jazz. It is a Mexico City-born group made up of musicians from Mexico, Argentina, Israel and Brazil. It consists of Yayo González, Guillermo Perata, Alexis Ruiz, Luri Molina, Dan Mazor, Demián Cantilo and Roberto Verastegui.


Among his songs, “Paté de Fuá” has a cover by Armando Manzanero (“Adoro”) and a collaboration with him with the song “Falso Olvido”.

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