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‘God save the Queen’, the controversial song by the Sex Pistols against Queen Elizabeth II

the death of the rQueen Elizabeth II It has shaken not only the United Kingdom, but the whole world, since the sovereign served as head of the royal family for 70 years, during which time she experienced countless historical situations and met figures from all walks of life.

A peculiar aspect in the life of the sovereign was the controversy that was generated by a song that the punk band Sex Pistols dedicated to him in May 1977: god save the queenname copied from the British national anthem.

The history of the first official portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, as it looked in 1952

This song was launched during the celebrations for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee and immediately generated reactions because in the lyrics the group accused the monarchy of being a “fascist regime” and branded Isabel a “figurehead”.

Do not write god save the queen because you hate the English. You write a song like that because you love them and you’re sick of them being mistreated.”indicates the lead singer of the Sex Pistols, Johnny Rotten, on his website.

God save the queen / the fascist regime / they make you an idiot / potential H-bomb. / God save the queen / she is not a human being / and there is no future / in the dreams of England, “says the song.

“God save the queen / because tourists are money / and our figurehead / is not what he seems”, he adds.

god save the queen became an immediate success, because although the BBC and various record stores censored itreached second place in the British charts, behind only I don’t want to talk about itby Rod Stewart.

It highlights that the Sex Pistols took the controversy to another level when in early June 1977 they rented a boat to play the song while they sailed down the River Thames, which was a mockery of an event that the queen had planned in the following days. This maritime incursion did not end well for the band, as the police intervened and imprisoned the members.


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