Gloria Trevi promises to reveal the secrets of her controversial life

bio chain Have a strong support for streaming platforms over the years and One of the most anticipated is by Gloria Trevi.

The singer and actress debuted in the late 80s of the last century, Which caused a scandal for his explosive personality and unique style.

Gloria Trevi promises to tell the truth

“I promise you nothing else You can do three chapters of so many things in one day It can happen to me all of a sudden,” said Gloria Trevi.

“This is the first time I’m going to speak, It’s not my truth, it’s true because I’m noticing that it’s not just my story; That there are witnesses who can say things that I didn’t even know, I am also documenting with legal things, papers and everything. Most of all, it’s that, I never told my story,” he said.

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Gloria Trevi cry for bioseries

The singer promises to move forward with her story because, according to Gloria, She could not hold back her tears remembering what had happened.

“When I was able to speak everything, I cried a lot, I cried ever since I started telling my childhood and I had a happy childhoodBut remembering when my parents got divorced, I relived those moments, ”said the singer.

laughter and warning

“I laughed a lot too because I remember how gross I was and you say ‘how can I be so gross'”, outer Gloria Trevi.

The singer says everything will be true to its truth, as represented by Vox Populi Noticias.

“There are people who believe that I am going to speak badly of them and they are very wrong. If someone looks bad it is because of personal situation What did that person do or what did that company do”.