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Gloria Trevi appears completely unrecognizable; Too much botox?

  • The Mexican singer appears with a change of look
  • Fans care about their appearance
  • They compare Gloria Trevi with Lyn May

Gloria Trevi appears unrecognizable. The 54-year-old Mexican singer is perhaps one of the most recognized artists in Mexico and throughout Latin America, with more than 20 years of experience, Gloria Trevi is considered a Mexican jewel. However, this has not made people forget the scandals in which she has been involved, which, to date, are remembered.

The Mexican artist appreciated in an interview recently, but many people noticed a super drastic change in her face, and that is that she raised a wave of comments about her appearance, for which many mentioned that perhaps the singer could be exceeding with botox …

She is not the only one who has used botox

Gloria Trevi appears unrecognizable

Many celebrities choose to undergo botox treatment to look younger, Gloria Trevi might not be the only case. But there are also many cases of artists who became completely unrecognizable by using it excessively, which is why their fans fear that this will happen to them.

There are artists who have not been spared criticism for the excessive use of botox, such as Thalía, Ninel Conde, Belinda, Alejandra Guzmán, among many other artists. Gloria Trevi was interviewed during the Starlit festival in Spain where she was accompanied by Mónica Naranjo. Filed Under: Gloria Trevi appears unrecognizable

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