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Gleb Savchenko’s Daughter Olivia Really Wants This TikTok Star To Do “Dancing With The Stars” (Exclusive)

Gleb Savchenko's Daughter Olivia Really Wants This TikTok Star To Do

Gleb Savchenko’s 10-year-old daughter Olivia has some ideas on who should appear in the next season of Dancing with the stars!

ET caught up with Gleb on Zoom on Friday, just days after he officially became a U.S. citizen, where he spoke about the upcoming 30th season of the dance competition this fall. He revealed that there was one celebrity in particular, his eldest daughter really wants to see compete this season, that would totally earn him cool daddy points.

“Charli D’Amelio. It’s Olivia thinking, ‘Daddy, you gotta have her! Come on! You’re gonna win. She’s so good on TikTok,'” exclaimed Gleb, who also shares her daughter’s 3 years. Zlata with ex Elena Samodanova. “She says, ‘I want to do a TikTok with her. I’m going to have so many more followers.'”

“Olivia is just learning things from TikTok,” he added. “She said something to me the other day and I was like, ‘What? How do you know that?’ And she said to me, ‘Well, TikTok, daddy!’ “

Gleb said that if Charli was doing the show and introduced him to Olivia, he already had an idea of ​​how she would react.

“She was like, ‘OMG, daddy, I want to take a picture.’ She doesn’t have a filter. It’s not like, ‘Oh, you’re a star, I’m shy.’ She’s not like that at all, “he explained. “She’ll come over and say, ‘Hey, can I take a picture? Can we do the [TikTok dance]? ‘”

Interestingly enough, Derek Hough also mentioned Charli’s name while co-hosting Entertainment Tonight on Monday. “I think there are so many people who could be great on the show. Because I was in the TikTok world a bit last year, it would be cool to see maybe one of the D sisters. ‘Amelio, “he said at the time, referring to Charli and Dixie D’Amelio. “I think Charli would crush her. She would be amazing, no doubt.”

As for Gleb’s personal dream partner? “Charlize Theron, she would be a great partner,” he shared. “I mean, I would be like, I wouldn’t be able to work. I would be like, ‘Is this really going on right now?’ I love it.”

ABC is commenting on the rumors ahead of the official reveal, so it will be some time before we hear which pros and celebrities will be in the ballroom this season. Gleb told ET that he’s still waiting for a call from the production regarding his own fate on the show, but that he would say absolutely yes if they asked him to return.

“No phone calls yet. We only know that at the very last moment,” he explained. “It could be two weeks, it could be two days, it could be very soon. They like to keep us on track.”

Season 30 of Dancing with the stars premieres September 20 on ABC. In the meantime, find out more about our Q&A with Gleb below.

ET: Season 30. It’s really remarkable to say that number out loud. How exciting is it for you and the show to reach this milestone?

Gleb Savchenko: Oh man, this is crazy! It’s crazy that we’re still here and still being so strong. It’s because of the fans, because of so much love and because of so much support that we get every season. Well done to all the fans of Dancing with the stars. Guys, we love you so, so much, because you always give us this opportunity to go out on the dance floor, to perform for you and to create. We are literally living a dream.

Thanks, we really appreciate it. And I speak for the whole cast of Dancing with the stars. I’m sure every person would agree with me right now. It’s incredible.

Dancing with the stars, it is my family. I love everyone, every person, the whole team is amazing. We all create something together, and when you think about it, you’re like, “Wow, that’s actually very, very special. So I am more than proud and happy.

We’re about two months away from showtime. How do pro dancers deal with anticipation? What are you doing to prepare yourself during this time? I feel like you always have to be prepared just in case …

I am constantly active. I teach online, dance, dance with my daughter. So I dance all the time. I like to stay active all year round, no matter what, and be ready at all times.

Just because, I don’t like those days when you let go, where you’re, like, sitting down, having a beer, donuts, and watching Netflix. And then you’re, like, stressed out like crazy, you have to run to the gym and do, like, five workouts a day to lose it all. I like to do it everyday. It’s my routine, it’s a lifestyle.

There has been fan speculation that the series may in fact be auditioning new pros. What do you think about that? And can you talk about the pressure on the veteran pros?

I think if you watch the show every person finds their place … the hot guy [me], with somewhat long Russian hair. There is Val Chmerkovskiy, who is an amazing dancer … everyone is different. When you have a new pro I think that’s a great addition because there is a bit of pressure.

But for a show, right now, to change and, like, not take someone and replace us? I don’t think it would be the best choice. I want to do it!

With season 30, do you think it would be possible for the show to possibly have more couples? Because we have Witney Carson and Lindsay Arnold wanting to come back (after taking a season off), we still have Daniella Karagach and Pasha Pashkov. There are a lot of names and few spots.

Look, if they could make 20 couples in 16 weeks, I love it! Give me 25 weeks! Then we go on tour, right into season 31. I just want to play, I just want to work, create and move.

A fan recently brought up an idea that I love: bringing together the pros, past and present, to do a big group act for season 30. Concretely, what do you think are the chances of this happening? Do you think everyone would come back?

I’m sure everyone would love to be back. Just because we’re still, all of us, friends, even though some people have moved on.

Like Karine [Smirnoff], I am still in contact with her. She recently had a baby, she travels the world, does her thing. I’m sure she would love come back and be in numbers. Tony [Dovolani] I would love to do it, Edyta [Śliwińska], Alec Mazo would love to do it, Mark Ballas, everyone I’m sure.

Imagine how sick it would be if we went somewhere out there and did this huge band act with everyone, and everyone has their own time. It would be crazy.

A few days before the start of Season 30, you’ll be celebrating another milestone, your 38th birthday! What is it that you still want to accomplish or manifest for your life in AD 38?

Damn, I’m getting so old! Listen, number one, win the mirror ball. We have to watch this video in November and be like, ‘He manifested this shit! So good.’ And I just wanna go through this last phase of everything we’re going through [as a family].

Hope we will resume the tour … COVID-19 is going to be over, we are all going to get back to normal life, and we are all going to be happy and at peace.

A few other pros have spoken about it in the past – Artem Chigvintsev, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Cheryl Burke – about the consequences dance can have on the body after all these years. How will you know when it’s time to hang up the shoes? Or do you see yourself performing for the long haul, for as long as you can?

As a dancer, you are not getting any younger. I feel like I can still do a lot [knocks on wood]. I play sports, try to eat healthy and take care of myself, but of course I thought about it.

There are a lot of different opportunities. Judging opportunities, choreographing … maybe one day judging Dancing with the stars? Yesyou never know. Here I am – take me, take me!