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Gleb Savchenko wants to do ‘Single Dad’ reality TV show, shares love life update (exclusive)

Gleb Savchenko wants to do 'Single Dad' reality TV show, shares love life update (exclusive)

Gleb Savchenko embraces his new life as a single dad … and is ready for his own reality show!

While talking to ET via Zoom, the Dancing with the stars pro explained what it was like to be co-parenting her two children, Olivia, 10, and Zlata, 4, in the midst of her ongoing divorce from Elena Samodanova. The two separated in November 2020 after 14 years of marriage.

“That’s it. Starting with waking up in the morning, doing their hair, making breakfast, taking them to school, doing activities… just being a dad is an amazing thing,” exclaimed Savchenko, 37 years old. “It’s funny because when we were together, with Elena, I didn’t have a lot of time with them. Because either I was on tour or in season, and we had a full time nanny.”

“Now we’re going strictly five and five. It’s 50/50, so my days it’s like I’m 100% a single dad with two daughters,” he continued. “By the way, that’s an amazing TV show idea! Sexy single daddy with kids? It’s over!”

Savchenko said his daughters would be “100%” in favor of the idea as well, especially Olivia, who is already an artist in her own right. “Olivia would, like, kill her,” he said, referring to his obsession with TikTok.

As to how he adjusted to life as a single father and the lessons his daughters taught him Over the past year, Savchenko has said that there is just “so much love” within the family.

“There’s such a bond that we have. It’s just a kind of thing that I realized being with them,” he shared. “I love them to death, but when you’re working, when you’re busy, when you’re not around, when you’re not around as much as you want to. Now I’m around all the time and that’s like an incredible gift of life. “

“Being a dad, especially for girls, is like the best thing,” he added. “Just to be with them, to be loved and to give love.”

As of now, Savchenko remains focused on his two daughters and is patiently waiting to see if he is officially chosen as a pro for the upcoming 30th season of Dancing with the stars. He is currently single, he said, but “has a friend.”

“I have a friend, let’s put it that way. friend“, he revealed, laughing when asked if he was still ready to date him.” I have a beautiful friend. She is quite famous. That’s it!”

Savchenko is also celebrating another milestone: becoming a U.S. citizen last month after a multi-year process. The Russian native told ET it was “a long time,” so he’s so happy to finally be able to say “I’m a proud American citizen.”

“I’m more than excited to be a citizen now. I’m going to get my passport, I will be able to travel as an American, I no longer use a visa, and at some point I will be able to bring my family here. and have a whole family reunion, “Savchenko said.” It had been almost 15 years in total since the moment I arrived in New York, I applied for my work visa … it was a long time. “

Savchenko said becoming a U.S. citizen was something her whole family celebrated. Samodanova was also granted citizenship in her own ceremony last week.

“We’re good together,” Savchenko said of the situation with her ex today. “We haven’t been through it all [divorce process] yet, but we respect each other very much, and she is the mother of my children. She had her ceremony first and I had mine, but we were kinda there together. “

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