Giving: Ejaz Khan was forced out of a reality show with a shoulder injury, the makers said – we cannot give you the benefit of being handicapped, this is not a special show

Ejaz Khan, who has earned a name for himself in TV and film, is currently seen in ‘Bigg Boss 14’. Aijaz Khan was on the backfoot since the first week. However, he has now shown his recipe at home. Meanwhile, an old interview of the actor has come to light. In this interview, Ejaz had to leave before the start of dance reality show ‘Jhalak Dikhlaja’ due to a shoulder injury. Meanwhile, some people called him disabled.

Ejaz Khan, in a chat with web portal Pinkvilla, spoke of the hardest day of his career. He said, ‘I had a shoulder injury twice and this time was the most difficult for me. There was no internet at that time. There was a time when my shoulder operation was not successful. He suffered a second shoulder injury only 16 days later. My shoulder did not heal for a year and a half, but I was confident that I would recover. ‘

The actor further said, ‘At that time I was living in a small flat in Bandra and life was very easy. I did a lot of work despite the injury. I was crying because of the pain and it took me about a year and a half to get out of it. However, this injury taught me that you can definitely rebound if you decide with your mind. ‘

The incident happened during a dance rehearsal
Ejaz not only quit the dance reality show due to a shoulder injury, but he had to listen a lot. The actor said, “I was working on the show ‘Jhalak Dikhlaja’.” Just three days before the show started, I was practicing raising my dance partner. Meanwhile, the girl’s grip got loose and my finger twisted and she fell directly on my shoulder. I told myself to breathe. I was a dancer and I already had a problem in my left shoulder and I injured my right shoulder after this incident. At that time some people also told me that we cannot give you the benefit of being disabled. We do not run any special dance shows. I am very sorry to hear this, because it all happened during a dance rehearsal. However, I came back with full confidence. ‘

Aizaz Khan was to be seen in the show ‘Jhalak Dikhlaja’ in 2013, but at the last moment he refused to act on the show.

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