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Giselle Montes and Alex Marín end their polyamorous relationship, why did they end?

With a broken voice, the adult film actress Giselle Montes confirmed through his Instagram stories the breakup of his polyamorous relationship with the producer Alex Marin, Mia Marin and Yamileth Ramirez

“It’s very difficult, because we still have many flights and activities together,” explained the actress who still has several pending projects with her ex-partner.

Giselle regretted the pain of loss, because it was five years ago when he decided to have an unconventional relationship with Álex and Mía, whom he later Yamileth joined and whose interviews of this type of relationship have become viral on social networks and whose talk with Yordi Rosado in a Unicable program gave much to talk about.

During that talk it was the same Alex Marin who confessed that none of his three wives had an obligation to stay with him and that the day one of them decided to break off the relationship there would be no problem.

For her part, Giselle spoke a little about what it was like to be in a relationship with other people sharing the same husband: “I told myself ‘I’m going to throw myself with a married couple. I didn’t know what I was going to do or feel, but I ‘penetrated’ him and from there I started to like him. I can say that we had more fun on this side than on the normal one”.

Why did Giselle Montes and Alex Marín end up?

Although the reason why Giselle Montes and Alex Marín ended is unknown, andn TikTok videos circulate of the couple at the airport arguing and even the producer goes with a bouquet of flowers and balloons to give them to Giselle Montes who ends up taking the bouquet to throw it on the floor to the bewilderment of the people.

Moments before there is another video where Mía Marín is seen, another of the actor’s wives trying to stop Giselle from talking to her husband, however, she did not stop and continued her march towards the exit of the air terminal to request a taxi.

Via social networks also Alex Marín He commented on a publication to the actress so that they could talk, to which she replied emphatically that there was nothing to talk about and ended with a thank you.

The actress commented that, as in any relationship, There are tense moments above all, in one made up of three women and one man. “There are very few things that bother me, but what I can’t stand is being harassed and put under a lot of pressure when preparing for a show,” she said.

Giselle Montes throws Alex Marín’s flower arrangement on the floor

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