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Giselle, a favorite, returns to Koln to start ballet season

This Coming Tuesday, Mario Galicic is launching a new season of the Teatro Colón Ballet as the new director of the company and with the replacement of Giselle, One of the most famous works of the repertoire of the 19th century, On this occasion it is again Gustavo Mollazoli’s version that will take the stage.

In successive performances three dancers from the Teatro Colón will interpret the village woman who becomes the spirit of the jungles after she dies. they are Macarena Jimenez, Nadia Muzica and Camila Bocca, In performances to be held on 14 and 17 April, the role will be played by a leading figure from the Royal Ballet of London, Natalia Osipova,

Macarena Gimenez Camila Bocca and Nadia Muzica in front of Giselle's cabin.  Photo German Adrasti

Macarena Gimenez Camila Bocca and Nadia Muzica in front of Giselle’s cabin. Photo German Adrasti

It is appropriate to quote a few words about the great Russian-American choreographer George Balanchine Giselle (This text is from 1989).

,Giselle So important and popular is ballet that people who know anything about dance constantly talk about it. Giselle of Anna Pavlova, Giselle by Tamara Karsavina, Giselle by Alicia Markova (NDR: Famous dancers who played the role at different times in the 20th century)”.

And he continues: “But there are good reasons to talk Giselle, like small villageit’s a classic: It’s not only historically significant, but it also happens to be really cool. people will see Giselle and new dancers in this role for the same reason we continue to see new interpretations Hamlet”,

Balanchine concluded: “It is such an outstanding work that We can always find something we haven’t seen beforeSomething different in representation that brings to light an aspect that previously seemed hidden”.

Camilla, Nadia and Macarena

So what does the character of Giselle mean to these three dancers? (Initially four cast members from Colón were chosen, but unfortunately Natalia Pelayo had to skip rehearsals due to an injury).

Let’s introduce them: Camila Bocca began studying ballet in her hometown of Santa Fe when she was very young; She continued her studies in Spain, and in 2016, thanks to a competition in Cologne, she entered the dance corps. next year They began to give him roles in important works What sleeping Beauty Marius Petipa and Themes and Variations by George Balanchine. it’s their first Giselle,

Macarena Jiménez Camila Bocca and Nadia Muzica.  Photo German Adrasti

Macarena Jiménez Camila Bocca and Nadia Muzica. Photo German Adrasti

Nadia Muzica is a complete Quilmena: she was born there, began to study ballet there, and she continues to live there. He studied at the Instituto del Colón and joined the Julio Bocca ballet at the age of 14, when he was still in training.

He had great experiences and traveled a lot with this company, but he wanted to do full, significant ballet. He then introduced himself to the Ballet del Argentino de la Plata, and it was there that he made his first performance. Giselle With Inaki Urlezaga. Then he traveled abroad and worked in Spain. But he wanted to return to Argentina and Quilmes. He entered the colon and with this Giselle Retired from 2022 stage,

Macarena Jiménez was born in Longchamps and began dancing there at the young age of three and a half years. On a trip to Buenos Aires, his mother showed him the Teatro Colón and what was done there.

“I want to go there,” he told her, though he didn’t know what it really was. He entered the institute, then became part of the Inaki Uralzaga Ballet, and in 2012 he entered the Colon Ballet; Since then his career has progressed a lot. This, for Camilla, is her first Giselle,

—and now we move on to their respective methods for the role.

-Camilla: Something strange happened to me. It wasn’t one of my favorite plays or one of my favorite roles., Of course, I knew the choreography well from watching it so many times, but it wasn’t on my favorites list.

However, when I started rehearsing, I muttered; I discovered so many new things, explored so much and each one of us encounters it in such a way that the experience is beautiful and interpretively very diverse.

Macarena Jimenez.  Photo German Adrasti

Macarena Jimenez. Photo German Adrasti

-Nadia: Dramatic ballets are what I like the most and The more conversations you have with the hero, the better, I did it many times Giselle, and each time is different. What’s more, each test is different. Fortunately, we were given the freedom – certainly within the choreography – to play with what happens to the character.

And it’s such perfect play that everything that happens in the first act builds up your sensibility for the second, when she becomes a spirit after Giselle dies.

Nadia Muzika.  Photo German Adrasti

Nadia Muzika. Photo German Adrasti

-Macarena: this is one of my favorite creations And the period of French romantic ballet in general is what I like most. Maybe that’s what my teacher Olga Ferry instilled in me. He said about this style that the hands should move like the tail of the fish and the feet like the hands. She danced it herself till the age of 50 and talked a lot about the role.

– What else did he tell you?

-Macarena: Because of the way the first act unfolds and how Giselle relates to the various characters, it’s important for viewers to understand what’s going on.

The second act is a bigger challenge; You must have lightness to represent that spirit That when Giselle dances alone and when she dances with her partner, she has to lift you up and down like you don’t have weight. And although he’s no longer human, he has feelings for the other characters as well.

-Do you have a favorite Giselle artist?

-Camilla: I tried not to watch the video at first so as not to copy. And then to make some small gestures. i like marianella nunezu and a version of the French dancer Sylvie Guillaume, who performs the surprisingly insanity scene that ends the first act.

Camilla Bocca and her first Giselle.  Photo German Adrasti.

Camilla Bocca and her first Giselle. Photo German Adrasti.

-Nadia: My favorite is Giselle by Alessandra Ferry. Extraordinary.

-Macarena: I’m going for Marianella Nunez. She is an exceptional dancer and an artist who makes her characters very human. I confess I’ve seen him in videos a lot.

Following this Tuesday’s 5th premiere at the Teatro Colón (Libertad 621), there will be nine more performances, always at 8:00 except on Sundays, which will take place at 5:00 pm. www.teatrocolon.org.ar


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