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‘Girls5ava’ stars tease ‘More Emotional’ season 2 and Dream Musical guest stars (exclusive)

'Girls5ava' stars tease 'More Emotional' season 2 and Dream Musical guest stars (exclusive)

Sara Bareilles, Busy Philipps, Renee Elise Goldsberry and Paula Pell talk to ET about the anticipated new season.

girls5eva Theatrics is ramping up in Season 2 as the women prepare for their musical return. The peacock comedy, which stars Sara Bareilles, Busy Phillips, Renée Ellis Goldsberry and Paula Pell, follows a ’90s-hit wonder girl group who were churned through the pop music machine and found their dreams in another Got to give the shot again. In the new season, they will try again on their own terms when they return to the recording studio to put in new tracks. Of course, their road to redemption is littered with obstacles in the road.

“It was beautiful to see what happened in Season 2, [which] Bareilles told ET’s Lauren Zima, “Season 1 was an enhanced version of what was starting to develop. Season 2, you really see us going for it and dreaming and finding yourself in someone’s heart.” allowing access to the thing. So there’s a vulnerability in that.”

“At least for Dawn this season, she has gotten excited about her role as a songwriter and feels very excited about it,” she said. “And it’s the pressure of what the labels want, what the producers want, what the other girls want. It’s finding your way, definitely something that I’ve walked down that path many times and continue to do.” Am.”

Goldsberry said of Vicki, “I think for my character, I think she was the engine that was trying to do something ’cause we thought it would be a great thing in Season 1 and then it was like that. Not done.” , “She was the engine and I think the momentum in Season 2. He really has people who have invested in him on some level and so there’s an opportunity to get to know who he is as a person, which is interesting.” ‘Cause he really doesn’t have a place to live. He doesn’t have a home. He doesn’t have anything.

And, as Pell teases, her character, Gloria, is grieving a surgery-necessary injury—adding another wrinkle to the group’s proposed return.

“Gloria has a bit of a physical problem at the start of the season, injuring herself, getting surgery. There’s a bit of a wrench thrown at the pace that they’re going from Season 1 to Season 2 after their big road performance last season. In the jingle ball,” Pell said. “I think for Gloria she’s her ex-wife trying to fix everything in her life, because everyone is there personally and professionally, and we’re trying to make an album, which is terrible. Because it’s going to be a real record whether we fail or succeed. And it’s hard to build anything in real life anyway. You can go in with enthusiasm and then you lose enthusiasm for what you’re making, so There’s a lot of good built-in conflicts, and fun, really cool songs.”

“There’s one thing I can tease fans out — this year the music, hair, makeup and wardrobe have gone to another level,” promised Phillips. “We got the pace.”

Heidi Gutman / Peacock

Pell also said that Season 2 is “more sentimental”. “I think it continues,” she continued, “It was emotional last year, but there are real true moments of heartache and emotion that somehow make this ‘boom, boom, boom, funny joke comedy’. can live with.'”

But they’re already looking forward to a third season with pitches lined up for guest stars — possibly a diversity of the music industry — and potential storylines they want to explore.

“We’ve always played around with the idea of ​​dipping into the real music industry and tapping some of the artists from those eras. It could actually be a fun thing to play,” Bareilles threw in there. “The first come to me is the Backstreet Boys because they joined us in our press campaign for an online thing last season. Britney [Spears] And her new baby…”

“I’d love to have En Vogue around, can you imagine? They’re trying to Whitney, trying to stop a song and they’re like, ‘Sit down!'” Goldsberry said. “There are so many great ideas. I did something with Jameela Jameel, I just thought, ‘Oh my god be great at our show.’ But we’re actually sitting here in New York City and anyone in the city who wants to come from here, writers are talented enough that they’ll have fun doing something.”

The four stars admitted that they have all grown closer since filming began on the series.

“It just feels like sisters, it feels like a family and it has to be because we have to rely on each other a lot to do it and we do,” said Goldsberry, with Bareilly from the pandemic. Working together during this time helped forge their close bond. “We’ve known each other at the height of COVID, so I think the trauma bonding is very real and we got really close very quickly. And as soon as it came out, it became really clear, ‘Oh, We’re about to have a really beautiful time to do this.'”

girls5eva Premieres Thursday, May 5 on Peacock.

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