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Girls of Guilt, the new dramatic and humorous event on Corrientes Avenue

They jumped from the TV to the theater and broke it, blame girls Tickets are sold out and they are on track to be One of the events of Corrientes Avenue of this year. Malena Ginzburg, Fernanda Metili, Connie Ballarini and Natalia Carulias are the quartet that fills Metropolitan Sura’s room every Friday, almost at dawn, in a festive atmosphere.

The show’s title is a direct legacy from TV, when at some midnight on Telefe, before the pandemic, the comedian did blame it on columbus, format worked People recognized them as “guilty girls”.,

Since they arrived at Corrientes Avenue in January 2021, first in Paseo La Plaza and now, in Metropolitan Sura, they have already gone More than 60 thousand viewers who saw the work, Add to this the thousands of people who follow the performance via streaming and another 15,000 who watched the show on weekday tours across the country, where tickets also sold out.

jump from screen to table

-Before getting into the theatre, he almost did his show on a modest television schedule, what was it like to go from TV to a room with a live audience?

Crime Girls Malena Gunzberg, Fernanda Metili, Connie Ballarini and Natalia Carulias Photo Telm

Crime Girls Malena Gunzberg, Fernanda Metili, Connie Ballarini and Natalia Carulias Photo Telm

Malene: The best thing is the right people, the enthusiasm to do everything with the people there, turns every performance into a party.

ConnieLaughter: The laugh that inspires, excites and empowers you is invaluable, given the public’s reaction at this time. our show looks like a girlfriend preview And the public is another.

NatalieNothing compares to the energy we feel and what people feel in the theatre. We were able to adapt to all formats, but undoubtedly, our place is the theater,

fernanda: What we used to do on TV, but with the public as a witness and being a part of the show, it’s crazy. It is true that we like both the formats, so now we need to make programs only on television and with one platform. Be careful that there are no programs in the TV!

– How is the teamwork? Does each one have a more specific role or are they improving?

Connie, Teamwork is everything and the key to successWe think about it as a team and that’s how we play. An anecdote appears with an idea and we all play accordingly. Not that anyone wants to show off. One shines and we all shine, no matter who scores a goal.

fernanda: We do everything, but clearly individuality is seen in every situation, whether one is working or playing on stage. We are all different and together, we empower ourselves. blame girls It is like a football team.

Malene: We work great together, and we complement each other. Sometimes, without proposing it, each one has more specific things, but with the masses, what stands out is improvisation based on triggers that open the game.

Natalie: When teamwork works well, it doesn’t fail. The metaphor of the goal is beautiful: no matter who does, the rest pass and it’s always a four o’clock goal.

Malena Ginzburg, Connie Ballarini, Natalia Carulias and Fernanda Metili, the protagonists of "The Guilt Girls", a growing phenomenon.  photo tellam

Malena Ginzburg, Connie Ballarini, Natalia Carulias and Fernanda Metili, the protagonists of “The Guilt Girls”, a growing phenomenon. photo tellam

a funny comic

-How would you define your comic style?

fernanda: Unique. I think it can’t be “defined” because, although each has its own style, the four of us together make up a different language.

Connie: I agree that it is quite uncertain. we are super honest We have fun without filters and we are surprised at the same time, What is happening to us in life, we bring our contradictions on stage, we take charge of it all and turn it into humour.

Natalie: Our humor has to do with something real, true, that actually happens to us. There is never any posture and this is one of the keys by which the show works. You can say anything outrageous, but from a place so true that it does not fail.

Malene: Personally and I think the same thing happens to them, I try to be as authentic as possible, I try to minimize everything on stage, And that’s what we transmit.

You have a very loyal audience that celebrates in the theater as if it were a party, what do you think attracts you the most about the proposal?

Natalie:I think there are several things: people feel part, they always tell us that it’s like spying on a group of friends talking about intimacy in the most cheeky and funny way. And besides, he identifies with what we have. I think we opened that game”Come, we invite you to be a part of this intimacy”, And that hook.

Malene: yes, there is a feeling of being another, another, and that too Every week is a different showwhich attracts.

fernanda: we talk about different things in each function and what does it lead to blame girls Be us and our people.

Connie: Besides, there’s something that deserves attention and that’s that he doesn’t know what the show is about, and neither do we. Is it a play?, A stand up?, A TV show at the theater?, Friends preview? And it’s nothing like that. We have an answer, but if it’s portrayed to go somewhere else, we all go there and that’s it.

There is something unexpected, spontaneous and organic that is not normal which makes it something unique and makes people wonder whether it was scripted or not. It’s all together.

Malena Gunzberg, Connie Ballarini, Natalia Carulias and Fernanda Metili are "The Guilt Girls", photo telem

Malena Gunzberg, Connie Ballarini, Natalia Carulias and Fernanda Metili are “The Guilt Girls”, photo telem

question of boundary

-None of the four has much of a filter and seems to be capable of anything on stage, is that something that limits the making of humor?

fernandaBetween the two of us we already know each other and We know how far to go and we always know the limit is another, I can go anywhere with myself, but with others there is always a limit. It’s a good thing with us, that we know how far to go with each.

Connie: It seems to me that the limit is whether or not we are creating grace. I am enough to go to hell and that is part of the show.”let’s take care of connie“. And vice versa, to Natty, who asks “take care of me“, we punctuated him to continue. It’s always a search for humour.

Natalie: This is true. There is no limit on which subject to play, but we have the limit to handle ourselves. It has to do with the way we make humor, where the limit is not to hurt others, But it comes naturally. As far as what we are willing to do with the network that is between us, it is limitless as it will always work.

Malene: Although that limit of not hurting or screwing anyone comes naturally, we do not think about it, it just goes away. For the rest, we talk about anything.

The fact of working among friends, is it an advantage?

Malene: without a doubt. Don’t let production listen to us, but we’ll get paid to do what we do.

Natalie: We work to make people laugh, with those we love, with friends with whom we take care of ourselves and empower ourselves. I think it’s another key, so it can’t be wrong. We are experiencing something incredible.

Do they never argue? Do you always agree on everything?

Connie: we get on well. Even after the performance, when everyone comes home, we get so mad that we end up sending each other messages of love and appreciation, it’s beautiful.

fernanda: Okay, something’s wrong. Meetings never, but never reach us, we are short of time. We always have to do more.

-With this show, do you dispel the prejudice that a comedy show led by four women only attracts female audiences?

Girls of Crime: Malena Gunzberg, Fernanda Metili, Connie Ballarini and Natalia Carulias Photo Tellum

Girls of Crime: Malena Gunzberg, Fernanda Metili, Connie Ballarini and Natalia Carulias Photo Tellum

Malene:Earlier the thought of a women’s show that only women could watch it and now that it is being scrapped, things were changing. Everyone comes and everyone has a good time.

fernanda: I think we are all part of a path sown by women who devoted themselves and continue to devote themselves to humor. You should always thank those who were, those who are and those who are to come.


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