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Giorgio Tsoukalos invites the public to watch the new season of Ancient Aliens

Giorgio Tsoukalosprogram creator “Ancentral Aliens” and ufologist, shared his opinions in relation to the most relevant current information on the alien subject and assured that we are living a stage of discovery and acceptance.

“It’s amazing that we’re still here,” Tsoukalos said of the show’s 14 installments, “but we’re here thanks to the audience. I can’t wait for you to see our new season with never-before-seen themes, fascinating themes that may have a cosmic connection to our origins.”

For this season, Giorgio, and the entire team behind “Ancient Aliens”, worked to bring to the screen new points of view, new information and testimonies related to the UFO phenomenon. In addition, he shared that some topics previously studied in the program were also taken up, but analyzed through a more contemporary eye and within a more informed context.

With the passage of time things change and new things are learned, that is why it is a good idea to review some topics again and, especially, to be alertto explore what is happening right now around the world with the UFO sightings that have begun to make themselves known through the governments of the world”, he highlighted.

“The truth can no longer be hidden. Something is happening in our skies. Chile became one of the first countries to share material on UFOs, but now the United States has also come forward with more information. The United States government published an article saying that according to what they could conclude, some of those objects sighted in the sky are not man-made,” he added.


A familiar face from the alien world in Mexico and Latin America, Jaime Maussanhad the opportunity to talk for a moment with Tsoukalos. Both ufologists praised the work of the other and the personal contribution they have had in the world of the study of unidentified objects and alien life.

“I feel very happy because he was one of those who put this issue on the table. We have been visited for thousands of years and Giorgio has managed to prove it. For me, that was very important,” said Maussan.

And Tsoukalos reaffirmed his commitment to the investigation and invited the public to continue to be amazed by the themes and discoveries that will be presented in each of the chapters of the fourteenth season of “Ancestral Aliens” through the signal of History LATAM.


“Ancient Aliens” continues to be crowned the most successful program, as well as the most watched, on History internationally. The more than 200 episodes of the series can be found On demand on the History streaming platform.

The program presents a new chapter every Friday at 9:50 p.m.Mexico City time, through the History LATAM signal.

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