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Gigi and Bella Hadid unrecognizable with shaved head look for Marc Jacobs fashion show

Though often known for sporting opposite runways, supermodel sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid matched at Monday’s Marc Jacobs Fall 2022 show — and neither of them looked like themselves. The famous pair wore bleached, covered eyebrows with a cut mullet wig over a synthetic bald hat and dark eyeshadow.

Jacobs debuted his new collection at the New York Public Library with only 99 guests in attendance, but the show was streamed live in Times Square. nylon described the clothing of the two models as “high-volume outfits with platform heels”. Bella’s look consisted of a long white cloak, while Gigi wore a short tank top with a shawl tied around her neck and draped over her shoulders.

bella hadido
Dimitrios Kamboris/Getty Images

Bella also shared her look with her 53 million Instagram followers, showing a glimpse of Jacobs’ vision. In the photo, she is wearing a slim white tank top, cropped jacket and high-waisted ripped jeans with a leather belt. Her eyebrows are almost invisible and the futuristic black wig still has clips scattered through her hair.

Gigi Hadido
Dimitrios Kamboris/Getty Images

Although many of his followers reacted with confused comments, it seems that Jacobs successfully brought his vision to life. His show notes Read: “Creativity is essential for living.”

Invisible brows are a particularly notable departure for Bella, who is known for her manicured brow styles that usually match her hair color. Just a few weeks ago, she showed off new bangs and brows on Instagram. Who will say when they will return.

allure Enlisted Noel Jacoboni and Diane Kendall, along with hairstylist Duffy, as the team behind the Hadids’ look. Jacoboni posted about the show as well on InstagramExplaining that the group was able to pull together each of the featured models’ runway beauty looks in less than a week.

“We found out about the show on Tuesday,” she wrote, calling the whole experience “surreal” and adding that “my makeup artist dreams came true today…”

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