Gianni Nazzaro, one of Argentina's most popular Italian singers, has died

Italian singer from Naples, Gianni Nazzaro died in Rome at the age of 72Suffering from lung cancer, which affected him for many years, but kept a secret till the last days. He participated in traditional festivals in his native Italy and formed a strong bond with the Argentine public.

In 1978, the album “The Greatest Hits of Gianni Nazzaro in Castilian” was published, which compiled hits such as “Ah! How beautiful it is”, (In the original “Quanto a Bella Lei”).

“I Don’t Want to Fall in Love Anymore”, “More Than Tonight” and “My Way”, they also came across the long drama of the Italian singer who gained great popularity in the peninsula and other parts of the world in the golden age of Italian music.

At that time he could be seen on television programs in Argentina and in various theaters in the city of Buenos Aires.

Her last concert in Argentina was at the Broadway Theater in 2015, sharing the stage with Silvana Di Lorenzo in the show “Canta Italia”.

Gianni Nazzaro And Silvana Di Lorenzo Present &Quot;Canta Italia En Argentina&Quot; In 2015.  Photo: Nestor Garcia

Gianni Nazzaro and Silvana Di Lorenzo present “Canta Italia en Argentina” in 2015. Photo: Nestor Garcia

Gianni was born in Naples on October 27, 1948, and being just a teenager he made his first weapon in music under a pseudonym. Fellow. By then, he had stood out in imitating the most famous voices of Italian and English songs.

This was in the mid-1960s a repertoire of names like Gianni Morandi, Joe Cocker or Adriano Celentano. In 1968, his name appeared in radio and television in his song “bus noi

Simultaneously, he began a run for the most recognized festivals of the song. It originated in Naples, where in 1970 he won the top prize thanks to “Me ammor chiamme”, while his name was already a fixture on radio and television.

Gianni Nazzaro Died This Thursday At The Age Of 72.  Photo: Afp

Gianni Nazzaro died this Thursday at the age of 72. Photo: AFP

He had come to present his successes in the prestigious San Remo Festival, where he received a standing ovation in 1983 with “Mi sono innamorato di mia moglie”.

His artistic restlessness also inspired him to try acting, where his seductive side exploded.

Gianni Nazzaro On One Of His Trips To Buenos Aires.

Gianni Nazzaro on one of his trips to Buenos Aires.

He left the scene in 2016 after suffering a car accident In which he suffered serious injuries and also lost one kidney.

Gianni lived out his great love story with Nada Ovina, the mother of two of his four children. They were separated for a long time until they reconciled after the 2016 accident and remarried in a ceremony at three in the morning in a hospital room. In addition, Gianni had two other children as a result of his relationship with Katherine Frank.