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“Getting back on tour is like breathing again”

Some uninformed individuals might assume that the popularity of No Te va Guster exploded overnight in Argentina, but in reality the access to massive shows, sold-out stadiums and rapid proliferation came after years of silence. ant work,

One of the features of this work was not limited to crossing the river and playing in Buenos Aires, but to boarding a van or micro, taking a route and traveling the blessed Argentine routes. Year after year, album after album, they repeated the circuit and more and more people were going to see them, “We started playing in clubs!” They recall in a chat when they stopped at Lollapalooza to play with Nikki Nicole.

You will not like it live.  Photo courtesy NTVG/Nacho Arnedo.

You will not like it live. Photo courtesy NTVG/Nacho Arnedo.

Now that day has come: on 6th April, a huge national tour Which can be described as the “first one” with 14 confirmed dates in Rosario (2 shows), San Luis, Mendoza, San Juan, Santa Rosa, Bahia Blanca, Nuequen (2 shows), Trelev, Bariloche, Comodoro Rivadavia Is. Mar Del Silver and Tandil.

The first leg of No Te Va Guster's Tour of Argentina.

The first leg of No Te Va Guster’s Tour of Argentina.

complete schedule

After these lessons, in May NTVG will return to Santiago de Chile and return to Mexico, where it will tour CDMX, a festival in Guadalajara, Monterrey and Queretaro. And the second half of Argentina is scheduled for June and July with Junín, Rio Cuerto, Córdoba, Jujuy, Salta, Tucumán, Posadas, Corrientes, Santa Fe and Marcos Juárez.

The second leg of No Te Va Guster's Tour of Argentina.

The second leg of No Te Va Guster’s Tour of Argentina.

In the end, in AugustThe tour would come to Germany and Spain, where they also went on longer tours in Combi to visit smaller clubs, and now in recent years play in larger theatres.


Denis Ramos, Emiliano Brancari and Pablo "Bambino" Coniberti.  Photo: Constance Niskovolos

Denis Ramos, Emiliano Brancari and Pablo “Bambino” Coniberti. Photo: Constance Niskovolos

Comfortably set in a hotel in Palermo Hollywood, not far from its old operations center at Cristoforo Colombo in Palermo Viejo, Emiliano Brancari, Denis Ramos and Pablo “Bambino” Coniberti He recalled his first tour of Argentina and this new return to live activity, after long awaited the end of pandemic restrictions.

“In general – said Emiliano – what we did was field tours, although at times we did several fields in a row. We came and spent 30-35 days in Argentina. The truth is that we enjoyed it . We had the energy to do it, we had fun and I slept very little.”

As Dennis recalls, “There was a time when we decided not to play at festivals because we wanted to play a lot and do a lot of shows, even if they were small venues. So there we went to the cities where the group Haven’t been playing since the late 80s. And that was great, because afterward we closed all those two or three years with four Luna Park, where we saw all the great ant work we did. Went.

-What was the scale of those first tours: clubs and small theatres?

-eb: Den! Previously they were clubs. At Tyndil, for example, where we’re about to go to an amphitheater we already know, we started playing on top of some pool tables. That was the stage! Obviously there are places we went to later, where we started out in clubs.

-Doctor: I remember one place in Rosario which was a very small basement with people exploded, with extreme heat, everything was wrong. But it was great, because 200 people entered and 200 were. It was bursting.

-eb: Yes! I remember that Rada was in Rosario that night and he went to visit us.

Bus travel, all tight

No Te va Gustar begins today an impressive tour of Argentina.  Photo: Constance Niskovolos

No Te va Gustar begins today an impressive tour of Argentina. Photo: Constance Niskovolos

As Dave Grohl explains and shows in his documentary what drives usA rock band’s first tours, usually under very poor conditions, become a way to put together a human group’s identity and functioning.

Emiliano agrees: “It was good for us. It was great for us as a group to go to Europe to play in small places, where we set up and take everything, although we were already good here. At that time there were coworkers who had just entered the band and here we already had a technical team, but not there. They weren’t with us for the first time, but were out there. Cause they knew it.”

Dennis says: “It’s building the unity of the group. On that first tour in 2005 we all put on our overalls, we set up the stage, then we were the musicians who did the show, and then we disarmed the stage , sold t-shirts and loaded equipment into the truck. The first time was about 60 days, playing a lot, drinking a lot, eating a lot and sleeping a little. We really enjoyed that first experience of going to Europe to play.”

glad to be on tour again

Like most musicians, No Te Wa Guster had to turn off all his machinery and go on his 2020 tour Stop, They played again at Montevideo’s Centenario Stadium in December last year, a very emotional reunion with their audience in two full performances.

– How was that lap, did they reconnect like nothing happened, or were they a little rusty and out of training?

-Doctor: There was something for the first time and something to control emotions, because otherwise we were going to be dead after the first five songs. And it happened a little. That first set of songs, in which four-five were joined together, was an explosion of emotions.

-eb: On the third song of the first date, my voice was cut because I was so excited. Our kids were there and the stadium was impressive. I couldn’t sing! They were two long shows, three hours, two days in a row.

Dennis, Emiliano and Bambino.  Photo: Constance Niskovolos

Dennis, Emiliano and Bambino. Photo: Constance Niskovolos

-Before the pandemic and the stagnation, did you still want to take long trips or did you want to take short trips?

-eb: We had already decided to do shorter tours because we are all parents, so being able to leave for so long made it complicated. Note that in 20 days a child also changes the dictionary. We decided to leave no more than that number: 20 days at most, so as not to suffer. But yes, we were a bit tired and when the pandemic struck us, a break came in handy to go on tour again.

-Doctor: When the pandemic started we had all the 2020 tours all scheduled. we came together other songs And halfway through we started postponing shows. At first we didn’t fail because we thought it would be quick and everything would open up. But at one point we realized we couldn’t avoid it anymore and had to cancel all the places we had left to play.

-eb: Here we did a full tour of the north and the provinces were cordoned off. You couldn’t move from one province to another! So it was impossible. Sometimes there were news that it was opening, but in the end it did not happen. We played again only with the presentation of the album in Montevideo. We said do this when you can come back with a good number of people, that they can stay, what do I know.

No Te Wa Guster in One of the Ten Great Rex of 2019

No Te Wa Gustar in one of the Ten Great Rexes of 2019. Photo: Gentilza Prensa/Marcos Mezzotoni

-How are you doing now?

-eb: Every show is going to be enjoyed like never before, or more than ever, because it’s something that was taken away from us for a while. It is such to us that this tour is really like breathing again. it’s our way of life And we didn’t have. Obviously the concerts we gave were sporadic, but we need that coexistence and to play every day and feel that energy every day.

A video of the show at La Platas

It should be noted that NTVG recently premiered a longer video on its YouTube channel on Saturday, 18 December at the Estadio Inico de la Plata with a selection of the setlists for the show, which were filmed and recorded live. The work is directed by Nacho Benedetti, edited by Santipe, produced by Ska Films and recorded live and mixed by Diego Verdier.


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