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Gerardo Quiroz says that Emilio Azcárraga Milmo asked to cancel ‘Single Dad’; César Costa opposed

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At the end of the decade of the 80 and for almost 10 years the series was broadcast Single dadwhich It had the participation of César Costa, Edith Márquez, Luis Mario Quiroz, as well as Gerardo Quiroz, who recalled the reason why this program ended unexpectedly.

In a talk with Enrique Burak, the theater producer said that the then owner of Televisa, Emilio Azcárraga Milmo, asked for the end of Single Dad because he wanted César Costa to work on another project.

“It turns out that there was a policy in Televisa that the same actor or driver could not be in two projects at the same time, especially if one was fictional and the other was not. Then the idea of ​​a very successful morning news show called A New Day with Rebecca de Alba and César Costa arose.”

The actor said that the owner of the television station spoke with César Costa to inform him that he would ask for the series to end.so that it could be dedicated to the new program that would soon be on the air.

“Cesar tells me that Don Emilio sends for him and tells him that this morning show is for him because people adore you and that single Dad had already completed his cycle. We were in a good moment of rating”.

Finally, Gerardo Quiroz explained that César Costa did not want Single dad will finish and that thanks to him the program lasted a few more months.

“Emilio told César: ‘You have to give them the news that the program is off the air because you’re on A New Day’ and César told him: ‘Don’t do that to me, I want to be in both projects’ and told him to give it a few months because the program has many more topics to talk about: changes in adolescence, alcoholism and adolescence, the reckless girlfriend, it is inexhaustible. Don Emilio, may he rest in peace, told César that ok, from here and here because A new day must start now and that’s how it ended.


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