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Gerard Piqué and Shakira meet unsuccessfully about their separation agreement

The breakup of the couple between the Spanish defender and the Colombian singer caused a lot of noise in all the media of communication and in social networks, and more because the rumors that came out around this were related to infidelity on the part of Piqué.

In the last hours after the separation and distancing, the two characters meet again together with their lawyers in the athlete’s office.

At the time of arrival at the place, the singer arrived with huge sunglasses, with a serious face and without company. The press that was around her tried to get a statement, but neither she nor her lawyer Pilar Mañé wanted to say anything.

For his part the blaugrana defender He also arrived unaccompanied, with a light step and in the same way alluding to any questioning that the press made of him.

The defense attorney Ramón Tamborero arrived at the scene and gave a statement in which he showed that the most important thing for them is the welfare of their children.

The meeting lasted an hour and Shakira had an attitude much more similar to the one she is known for, happy, with a huge smile, without giving any details of what was discussed at the meeting, but grateful to her fans who, seeing her leave the interpreter of Congratulations They greeted her with shouts and applause of support.

Instead, Piqué left the building with a serious face and, like her, without giving statements. According to information from La Vanguardia, the soccer player wants to finish as soon as possible, but his impatience led him to withdraw from the meeting.

It is not the first time that the former couple has tried to reach an agreement, but so far the negotiations have not come to fruition. This meeting may be one of your latest cartridges before going to court. In this first summer apart, the footballer and the singer have divided the time to enjoy the children, Milan and Sasha.


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