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Geraldine Bazán again denied romance with Alejandro Nones: “I’m single”

For a few months, they had been seen together, but they are only friends (Photos: Gettyimages)

Although in July of this same year the actress Geraldine Bazan I had already clarified that for her, Alejandro Nones is just a friendthe speculations about their supposed courtship continued to be fed by the different social events in which they appeared together.

On this day, the actress For loving without law He touched on the subject again and said he was single, this with the aim of curbing rumors about the romance with his partner. In a conversation with the Ventaneando program, she said that it would be very difficult for her to have a relationship with someone, because her priorities are in other aspects of her life.

“I am single, but I am not alone. It’s not easy to have a relationship with someone when you are working so much, with daughters and then it is a little more complicated, but the truth is that right now I am super focused on what I am doing. But I also have a very heavy heart, ”she mentioned.

Until now, Alejandro Nones did not issue an opinion to also deny the alleged relationship with his colleague.

The comment arose shortly after his monologue premiered we do it betterwhich will be presented at the theater asphalt curtain in Mexico City. In this staging, he will alternate with Delilah Polanco. Regarding this new project, Bazán said the following:

“The greatest fear of an actor is that you go blank on stage, but in a staging your partners can always come in and then help you. In a monologue it is difficult. This challenge is very big and it does make me nervous”

Why the rumors arose about the romance between Alejandro Nones and Geraldine Bazán

The actress said she was fully enjoying other projects (Photo: Instagram: Geraldine Bazan / Elissa Soto)
The actress said she was fully enjoying other projects (Photo: Instagram: Geraldine Bazan / Elissa Soto)

It all started with a post TVNotes, because the magazine assured that they had shared a couple dinner. On the other hand, the speculations continued their course when the famous actress shared through her official account of Instagram A romantic detail that he received upon arrival at the gala, this consisted of an extravagant bouquet of flowers, which contained a note that said: “Happy that you are here love”However, Geraldine did not reveal who left her that surprise prior to the event.

In June Geraldine Bazán flatly denied any relationship and even said that assumptions are the reason why she does not tell details about her private life:

“No… why do you put words in my mouth that no one says? remember that the stories are made by you. The real story is that nothing happensyou know that I prefer not to talk about my personal life because nothing happens that they create stories, “he declared in front of the cameras of come the joy.

Despite the insistence to know if the speculations are true, Geraldine Bazán remained firm and did not speak more about it: “I decided a long time ago not to give details of my personal life and I think the truth is hardly, but there they go respecting it”.

On the other hand, there were photos that although they did not have any romantic or close connotation, the fans interpreted them as one more small clue, one of them was the first published Nones where they appeared together. Some of the comments on Instagram were: “All very handsome, but that couple wanted her glued jiji”; “How well the bride and groom turned out” and “How lucky Ale with three queens and a princess”.

Lola Merino, Victoria Ruffo and Lara Campos were also portrayed in the image.


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