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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Geraldine Bazán affirms that Victoria Ruffo is the queen of soap operas

Geraldine Bazan joined the second season of Crown of tearsa Televisa drama where she shares credits with Victoria Ruffo, whom Gabriel Soto’s ex-partner perceives as the “queen (queen) of soap operas”.

In an interview for the radio program the walker, Hosted by Tania Rincón, Fran Hevia and Fer Gay, the actress spoke about her participation in this telenovela, which is the second part of the production of the same name that was presented in 2012.

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First, Bazán commented that in Mexico “we love melodrama and this is a classic novel that has its audience captive, and also the new generations want to see it because I believe that there is nothing more respected and loved in Mexico than the mother, the Mexican mother is extremely important in our society”.

Then he talked about her character, Olga Ancira, in the television drama: “She is a woman who suffers from diagnosed bipolarity. Before when did she talk about that? Now they are diseases that unfortunately we can all have and it’s not about ‘Give it your all’”.

About his coexistence with Ruffo, he said that “She has such a delicious black humor that she makes us laugh, she makes you laugh that you don’t even realize, she just laughs. But she does it in such an elegant, cool, cute way that you wouldn’t expect it, because she’s also super cute.”

She is the queen (queen) of tears, the queen of soap operas 100 percent”, Geraldine affirmed about Victoria.

In addition, he delved into his chemistry with the prestigious actress: “In the scenes with Victoria… She and I made a soap opera 14 years ago, we had very good chemistry and now in this one we were staging the scene, not even rehearsing it, and Victoria and I already we cried, and the director was like: ‘Save my tears for the scene’”.


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