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Gera MX: from the streets of San Luis Potosí to conquer the Pepsi Center in CDMX

The acclaimed rapper appeared on Saturday night in the Mexican capital as part of his Triple 4 Tour.

The success that the Mexican rapper Gerardo Torres, better known as Gera MX, has achieved thanks to his music has led him to step on some of the most important and recognized stages not only in the country but also internationally; just as it happened last Saturday night, July 30, when the puppy 444in the company of all the Rich Vagos, conquered the Pepsi Center in Mexico City.

With a full capacity, Gera MX arrived in the Mexican capital with its Triple 4 Tour after having toured the United States and, as expected, his return moved thousands of his fans who from the early hours of Saturday they went to line up outside the enclosure to get a good place and enjoy the concert of the acclaimed Mexican rapper.

With the hands of the clock marking 9:15 p.m., the stage of the Pepsi Center was illuminated with a radiant purple light, while in the background the unmistakable beats and mixes of Jayrick, producer of Gera MX and the brain of the entire great musical project that is the Rich Vagos. After greeting the public and giving a preview of his new album, the talented DJ welcomed a main ingredient of the night to the stage: Teeam Revolver.

However, a mixture of euphoria, emotion and nerves was present in the attendees when a white blanket was unfolded on the stage on which the letters RV were projected. It was like this between the thickness of the dry ice, the colored lights, the shouts of the crowd, a mysterious shadow and the first shades of Big boys don’t play, announced the return of puppy 444 to Mexico City.

The puppy opened his concert in Mexico City with some of his first songs (Photo: Infobae México / Anel Tello)

Always accompanied by his faithful friend Teeam Revolver in the choirs, Gera MX welcomed his audience to the show that he himself described as historic in his career because he recalled that The first time he brought his music to Mexico City, it was presented in a small venue by Isabel La Católica, which was attended by just over 15 people..

Therefore, the puppy 444 He did not miss the opportunity to thank his fans for the unconditional support they have shown both to his musical project and to all the Rich Vagos that over the years have managed to consolidate themselves as an independent label of pure Mexican rapIn a symbolic act, the Mexican rapper even took off the tennis shoes he was wearing, signed them and threw them at his fans as a token of gratitude because for him they meant all the way he had to go to step on that stage.

Shelby, baby vegas Y at 120 They were the first songs that Gera MX put his audience to sing at the Pepsi Center to later start with a parade of luxury guests who joined one of the most important shows in the artistic career of the acclaimed Mexican rapper.

The Mexican rapper had a large number of guests, including the Rich Vagos.

The great party of Gera MX with his “race” from Mexico City was joined by all the Rich Vagos, highlighting Jay Romerobetter known as skinny gold, with whom he played I fire cupid; also the female presence was in charge of the talented Samantha Barron in the subject damn romantic and later on bipo montana, Teeam Revolver, Geassassin, Zticma Y Opium G dazzled on stage singing the popular Cypher.

Although Gera MX is recognized for his great ability to rhyme and his urban style representative of the neighborhoods in the north of the country, melancholy and romance could not be left out of that special evening so the public went crazy when the rapper interpreted, to the sound of the soft notes of a saxophone, songs like Hurricane, I could never reach you Y I have to lose beside Daniel Calvary.

The night continued between the rhythms of always high, the smoke calls and songs from their first albums such as I usually dream, run and stumble and, although the entire team from his label shared the stage with the puppy 444the surprises did not stop there, because the great show was also joined by rappers of great international recognition such as Homer the mere mere, toting, Robot, crazy shot Y Dharius.

The acclaimed Mexican rapper recalled some of the great episodes of his career (Photo: Infobae México / Anel Tello)
The acclaimed Mexican rapper recalled some of the great episodes of his career (Photo: Infobae México / Anel Tello)

With little more than a decade of career, such a special night for Gera MX could not be complete without mentioning some of the personalities that marked their path and what influenced it to become one of the greatest exponents of the genre today.

Therefore, the puppy 444 dedicated the show to his dad -who passed away before the rapper became famous-, to the hip hop manager and producer, Alex Malverde who died in early 2021 from COVID-19 and the renowned and iconic cumbia singer, Celso Pineapplewith whom he managed to collaborate on the subject How cool my city which is part of his studio album vice and fameand which made all the attendees of his show at the Pepsi Center in Mexico City dance in a colorful party.

Gera MX's success soared after its collaboration with Christian Nodal (Photo: Infobae México / Anel Tello)
Gera MX’s success soared after its collaboration with Christian Nodal (Photo: Infobae México / Anel Tello)

Although the road that Gera MX has traveled at 28 years old has been long, the effort of his work continues to bear fruit and catapult him to worldwide success, as happened with the song bottle after bottle which he performed alongside the regional Mexican interpreter Christian Nodal. That single went massively viral on social networks even before it was officially released and, once released, it became the anthem of any party or meeting among the Mexican public and even in Latin Americamanaging to accumulate a little more than 527 million reproductions a year after its premiere on Youtube.

For this reason, said single could not be missing during the concert of the Triple 4 Tour of the csquirt 444 in Mexico City as well as the collaboration he made alongside the Spanish rapper Rels BWell, even though the song I forgot did not achieve worldwide success Bottle After Bottle, yes he managed to sneak between the featurings most popular mexican rapper.

Already heading to the end of the show, with his characteristic and impeccable smile, Gera MX shared a bit of that humility and charisma that characterizes him so much and that has led to the affection of millions of people around the world, for which, in a natural and organic way, he once again thanked the public for their unconditional support.

“These words are from the heart, thank you for this decade of career, thank you for letting me be a flesh and blood artist and not a plastic one. Thank you for letting me feel nerves, adrenaline, for living these kinds of moments, I want an applause for tonight that is unforgettable, “said the Mexican rapper

Finally, the show came to an end with Complicated and the premiere of The last Dance, a song that has not yet been published and that will be part of the new album by its producer Jayrick. The puppy 444 he said goodbye to his audience in the capital with gratitude and in the midst of a rain of lilac-colored pieces of paper that left great satisfaction on a show that was not only about dance, rap and euphoria, but also synthesized all the way that the 28-year-old rapper has traveled since his beginnings in the streets of San Luis Potosí and to the most important stages in the country.


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