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Gayle King on “Third Wheeling” Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham’s Vacation Since 1994 (Exclusive)

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Gayle King and Oprah Winfrey are again on the highway 15 years after their notorious cross-country! Rachel Smith from ET spoke with Gayle about her and her lifelong good friend’s new sequence, OG Chronicles: Pleasure Trip, the place the couple embark on a multi-stop journey by Santa Barbara, California.

“We call it a road trip tribute. So what we did, we took a ride around Santa Barbara where she lives, and we surprised Oprah insiders,” Gayle defined to ET. “In order that was actually humorous, they might be on the cellphone, they might be on Zoom, speaking to somebody from our workers asking about being a part of an Oprah insider and we might be out door. are available in saying, “Hello, open the door, hello. And you could see them say, ‘Wait, someone’s at the door, wait a sec.’ And they opened their door and here we are. It was very fun. “

On the highway, greatest buddies recalled their final highway journey and all of the holidays they took collectively, particularly when Gayle ended up being the third wheel for Oprah and her longtime accomplice, Stedman Graham, the vacations.

“I am proud to be a third wheeler,” admitted Gayle. “I don’t apologize for that. I got divorced in 1994 and have been on their third wheel ever since. The good news is that Stedman is always very welcoming, so it never occurs to me when she says:” We’re gonna go so-and-so, ‘I am like’ when? ‘ It would not happen to me that I am not invited. However over time we have had some nice journeys collectively. And that is not going to vary.

Throughout their experience, the couple spoke about how Oprah’s decades-long relationship with Stedman was factored into their friendship, and why for Oprah, Stedman loving Gayle was non-negotiable: “Husbands and cubs friends come and go. Best friends last forever. “

“Oprah came to my house after my favorite daughter, Kirby, was born and she was wearing a t-shirt that said, ‘Husbands come and go, best friends last forever’ and I said ‘Whoa, why wear you that T-shirt? ‘ She didn’t even realize it, she said she didn’t even know she was wearing it, but there is some truth to it, “she mentioned of their indestructible bond. .

Gayle continued, “When you have a best friend you’re really there through thick and thin, and that isn’t always true with husbands and wives or you know, coworkers, anyone in your life. , but when you have a real best friend, it really is. It’s something that really lasts a lifetime. “

And as a lifelong good friend, Gayle will get behind the wheel of their little experience this time round, as a result of driving is certainly not one among Oprah’s favourite issues.

“She hasn’t changed. She don’t like to merge, she don’t like to take the freeway, she don’t like parallel parking, man, she don’t like changing lanes, all the things that come with … driving! ” the CBS Mornings co-host revealed. “I really like driving. I really do, but what I really like is the rule [that] if you’re driving, you control the radio! “

Watch these greatest buddies hit the highway of their three-part sequence, which kicks off Thursday OprahDaily.com. Two extra episodes are slated for launch on September 16, with the finale hitting OprahDaily.com on September 23.