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‘Gay Pride and Prejudice’ trailer: Jesse Tyler Ferguson narrates the new Jane Austen adaptation (exclusive)

'Gay Pride and Prejudice' trailer: Jesse Tyler Ferguson narrates the new Jane Austen adaptation (exclusive)

ET has the exclusive first listen to the Spotify original podcast featuring Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Rosie O'Donnell and more.

Jane Austen Pride & Prejudice A bizarre turn is about to take place thanks to Jackie Grady, who produced, directed and wrote the all-new Fantasy podcast, gay pride and prejudice, Ahead of the premiere of the Spotify Original, ET has an exclusive first trailer, narrated by executive producer Jesse Tyler Ferguson and featuring a vocal cameo from Rosie O’Donnell.

According to Spotify, the series “is a fresh, modern interpretation of the beloved Jane Austen classic. In the series, Bennett, a 30-something noncommittal gay man, struggles to find his chosen family when his chosen family suddenly begins to join in and settle down. ,

,gay pride and prejudice A joyful and hilarious story about love and a chosen family. Justin [Mikita] And I’ve been such a fan of Zachary’s writing and am very proud to see this story come alive in audio,” Ferguson, who was recently nominated for her first Tony Award, told ET, referring to her husband. Told while doing, who is also an executive producer on the podcast.

gay pride and prejudice

Grady, who originally developed the project for the platform before adapting it for audio, says, “I have essentially had two creative paths running parallel to each other for the past decade; Writing scripts and directing immersive-audio theatre. to finally bring those two themes together gay pride and prejudice And work with Jessie, Justin, the Spotify/Gimlet team, and this crazy artist is an absolute dream come true.”

“The goal of our show was to retain the heart of the classic story, while finding a way to make it as dynamic and subtle as possible thanks to the audio format,” he adds. “Oh, and don’t worry, if you haven’t read the book since high school, you’ll still love it, but I think Austen fans will lose their minds over how faithful we are to the original. Huh.”

In addition to Ferguson and O’Donnell, the voice cast includes Blake Lee, Marisol Sacramento, Matthew Rich, Maulik Pancholi, Ronald Peet, Rhys Nicholson, Sherry Cola, Vela Lowell and Javier Munoz. The series will also be presented at the 2022 Tribeca Festival, which will feature a panel of artists and creators, on June 13.

Meanwhile, the latest adaptation of Austen’s work, not to be confused with the Hulu original film, fire island, written by and starring Joel Kim Booster. There is also a retelling of the film Pride & Prejudice with a gay outlook and features an all-LGBTQ cast including Bowen Yang, Conrad Ricamora and Margaret Cho.

gay pride and prejudice Premieres May 25 for free exclusively on Spotify.

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