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García Márquez’s book came to Prime Video

The real case about a fragment of Colombian history that Gabriel Garcia Marquez portrayed in the pages of his journalistic chronicle News of a kidnapping reached First video. Like the literary classic, the series starring Cristina Umana puts on screen the moment when Pablo Escobar and the “extraditables” group kidnapped ten people in the 1990s to pressure the government of Cesar Gaviria.

In interview with Millennium, Cristina Umana shared the details of taking on the lead role, Maruja Pachonthe former Minister of National Education of Colombia, who at that time was one of the victims and survivors of Escobar’s plans, “being chosen to play Maruja was an honor, there was of course fear of delving into the depths of history , because it is a part of history that still hurts us”.

“It was not easy at all, there was an amount of pain and sadness that were stored in my memory and that I did not know, but they surfaced during the filming. We were witnesses in the nineties of many horrors, it was the daily bread, in the news, in the streets, it was shocking, but we have to accept that part of the story and we must allow it to come out to heal, it is like a kind of constellation that frees us”, added the actress.

The arrival of this journalistic chronicle on the screen was something that the Garcia Marquez he was looking for at the time, but there were not the necessary conditions to be able to transfer his story as he imagined it. Until now, “in the conversations we had with Rodrigo Garcia (son of the writer), expresses that his father always wanted it that way, Gabo dreamed of the story being made in Colombia and with Colombian talent,” explained Umaña.

“I believe that there are things that are simply part of you, of your history, of your collective memory and that can be difficult for others to understand, that is why it seemed valuable to me that it was done in this way, with the approval of Rodrigo and the work made by the director Andrew Woodwe were always in contact with Maruja and we have her approval, I just saw her and she was happy with the result of this adaptation to the screen”, she added.

Filming and covid

News of a kidnapping was filmed during the final stage of confinement and with established protocols, despite which, it was not possible to avoid having a couple of infections, “I was the first to fall, three days before filming began, at the Three days another of the crew fell, it was very difficult, thousands of covid tests every day, trying to have all the necessary measures, but above all that people were well if they got sick, ”he said.

One of the first scenes that Umaña filmed was when the protagonist is already in captivity, “emotionally it was complex, I was very nervous, but getting sick with covid helped in a certain way, because it helped me relax, I was at a level of anxiety very strong, but in closing it was good, all the scenes were a journey and an experiment in which we felt shocked, “explained the actress.

From Colombia to the world

Márquez’s literature is widely recognized, but his transfer to streaming reinforces his reach, “he is one of the best writers in the history of mankind, and he is Colombian, he has a beautiful way of telling what we are, that realism magical that it gives us and that it masterfully reflects, hopefully the new generations will not miss out on reading it, if the series brings them closer to their texts it will be beautiful”, commented the protagonist.

“This is a work that was carried out with deep respect for the victims, as a recognition of their memory, that is how we feel, and in the end, we are all victims, not only the kidnapped, but also their families and even the institutions and the government, we all end up being victims of a loop of violence that exists in the country, and it is amazing how the director managed this portrait”, he added Cristina Umana.

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