Google and Apple removed the Fortnight game from the store

American gaming company Epic Games’ popular action game Fortnight has been removed from the Google and Apple Play stores. Apple and Google dropped it from the Play Store because Epic Games has launched a direct payment plan for users, bypassing both companies.

Google earns 30 percent of revenue from game purchases on its Play Store and Apple on its Play Store. On Thursday, the game’s developers updated two versions of Fortnight, Free and Paid, to give users the option of direct payment. Even in the free version of the game, many users have to pay.

Google’s policy was violated
“As long as Fortnite is available on Android, we cannot make it available on the Play Store because it violates our policy,” Google said. However, we will be discussing with Epic and bringing it back to the Google Play Store.

Google may have removed the game from its Play Store, but it can be downloaded from the Epic Games Store. Samsung users will also be able to download from the Galaxy Store. There is no such option for iPhone users.

So in this regard, Epic Games said in a blog post that the company will introduce a direct payment plan for iOs and Play Store. The game developer said that the new update has given a single payment system. It will be applicable in PC, Mac system and Android devices. The game can be purchased not only on smartphones but also on Windows, Mac machines. It can be installed for free from the official website of the company. Also provided APK file setup for iOs and Android users.

The company brought the Fortlight game to the Android platform 18 months after its launch. It was launched in April. The game came soon on the iOs platform. The size of the game was 107MB but after the update it was reduced to 7.4GB. This action game uses HD graphics.

Fortlight is an online video game. It has 250 million users worldwide. Together 100 players can fight online. A single stage of the game takes about 20 minutes. The player can play a new game immediately after the game is over.

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