Get the star treatment with the introduction of Season 1, which includes a new AllStar, loot and game modes.

Hi everyone, the Lucid team has been hard at work during the launch of Destruction AllStars and we had a lot of fun interacting with you on Twitter and elsewhere in the community on Reddit and Discord. We are truly grateful for all the feedback we’ve received, as well as all the chaos and carnage we’ve been seeing in the arena! We’re back with a new trailer and your first look at Destruction AllStars’ first season, Hotshots!

Season 1

We are just a week away from the launch of our first season on Destruction AllStars. Seasons are our way of injecting new content into the game for all players, as well as adding new cosmetic elements to help you customize your AllStars to reflect your personality. In our latest blog post, we revealed that our first season will be called Hotshots, and we also posted some trailers on our first new AllStar that was added to the roster since the game’s launch. We’re here to develop what you can expect from season one, starting with a closer look at our new AllStar. Without further ado, we introduce you to Alba.

New Character

Alba is a Destruction AllStars veteran returning to competition after several years away from the event. She is a fierce competitor from Scotland who brings a clear sense of determination to the arena, along with a high-tech armored battlesuit. We will learn more about Alba through her Challenge Series, which will launch alongside the first season.

In the arena, we really hope Alba turns things around. Her ability on foot, or Character Breaker, summons blockers from the ground in front of her. These blockers, called bulwarks, act in the same way as blockers do on our field. They are immovable objects that physically stop competitors as they try to pass. Being able to use these strongholds anywhere in the arena opens up tactical opportunities to interrupt opposing players or protect yourself from an incoming vehicle when on foot.

Alba’s hero vehicle, Claymore, is where the sparks really start to fly. Your hero vehicle works a little differently than the other vehicles in Destruction AllStars. Instead of a blow that pushes the vehicle in the chosen direction (forward, left, or right), Claymore deploys a laser beam that sweeps and damages AllStars or vehicles in its area of ​​effect. These beams can be deployed tactically when approaching an enemy player or in response to an enemy hero vehicle approaching you.

AllStar Pass

The new AllStar Pass is coming to Destruction AllStars, starting with the Hotshots from the first season. The AllStar Pass is a way for players to earn cosmetics from online multiplayer, no matter how they choose to play the game.

With Alba returning to competition, our AllStars have decided to roll out the red carpet and dress for the occasion. You will see many black ties and tails on the AllStar Pass as our AllStars prepare to welcome a renowned veteran. Some of our AllStars have taken things even further, with two Legendary skins and one Heroic skin available in the AllStar Pass to really stand out from the crowd. With skins, emotes, avatars, banners, and screams, there are plenty of ways to show off your style and change the look of your AllStars.

To progress on your AllStar Pass, you will need to earn Season Points by completing online matches (an active PlayStation Plus subscription is required to play online), with additional points being offered through the new Season Challenges and Sponsor Challenges.

Season Challenges are an extension of our existing Daily and Weekly Challenges, only these award Season Points instead of XP and Currency. Sponsorship Challenges are goals set by some of the companies that sponsor Destruction AllStars events in the game. These challenges are available from the beginning of season one and can be completed at your own pace, at any time before the end of the season. All of these challenges reward Season Points, but some of the biggest challenges offer AllStar Coins and Destruction Points upon completion.

These challenges are available at no additional cost to all players. As long as you play multiplayer online, you will always be progressing to your next AllStar Pass level.

The AllStar Pass will have 100 levels to unlock, with some items available to all players along with a premium level that can be purchased for 1000 destruction points.

AllStar Pass Premium Tier and Alba’s Challenge Series are the only paid content planned in Season One: Hotshots

Photo mode

A few weeks after the launch of the first season, Photo mode will make its way to Destruction AllStars. Available in all single player activities, you can pause the game at any time and enter the free chamber to start looking for the perfect angle on any shipwreck, barge or pose. Once you’ve found your shot, you can apply a variety of stickers, frames, and filters to enhance your image and make it really shine. Thanks to the PS5’s built-in sharing features, it’s easy to share your moments of chaos on social media for the whole world to see. We can’t wait to see what you’ll create with this new feature, especially when you bring it back through some of our previous Story modes (formerly called the Challenge Series), as well as any new single-player content that follows in the future.


For AllStars looking to take their racing to the next level, Blitz is the game mode for you. This is a completely new mode for Destruction AllStars and will arrive around the middle of season one. This mode has been created to really get familiar with what makes team play skillful in our game. In essence, Blitz is an evolution of Mayhem (our version of the standard deathmatch) between four teams of three AllStars. However, unlike a Mayhem game, Blitz consists of short, intense and adrenaline-pumping rounds. These rounds are about being the first team to reach a set score to win the round. Win a specified number of rounds win the match.

To add more tactical decisions between rounds, players will need to choose a new AllStar at the beginning of each round. This is where things start to get really tactical. In Blitz, your character ability and the energy of your hero vehicle will carry over from the previous round. You can use this energy transfer to start your next round with one key advantage. Will you choose an AllStar with an aggressive hero vehicle and cause a carnage in the first few seconds or will you play your cards close to your chest and activate your character ability in the final moments for a dramatic comeback? Be sure to coordinate with your team to ensure your chosen AllStars are robust and capable of countering anything the competition may throw at you.

Blitz will join our line of game modes in early June. Blitz is our competitive mode and will be released as an unranked playlist during the first season. We are treating this as an introduction to the gameplay to allow players to familiarize themselves with how it works and experiment with their team play. As part of its introduction, there will be exclusive cosmetic rewards available to players who dive into Blitz during its first season.

We’ll be back with more information and a dedicated look at Blitz as we get closer to its launch.

And there you have it! Season 1 will bring many new features to Destruction AllStars, and many of them will be available at no additional cost to all players. The first season launches on May 5. We can’t wait for you to put all these news in your hands. What strategies will you come up with with Alba, what incredible photos will we see shared on social networks and how will you be fair in our new game mode, Blitz? You will surely find many ways to surprise us.

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