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Galilea Montijo’s luxury vacation in Turkey

The presenter of “Hoy” is on vacation in Europe IG: @galileamontijo Galilea Montijo, Televisa, Turkey

Galilea Montijo She has become one of the most beloved and controversial Mexican presenters in Mexico, since her charisma has allowed her to establish herself as one of the favorites of the most important morning show in Mexico. Televisa, Todaydespite the viral moments that he has also starred in for his clueless comments, friendships like that of Ines Gomez Mont or the enmities he has publicly.

Despite this, the also actress has decided to spend some luxurious vacation in one of the most popular tourist paradises in Europe and Asia along the Bosphorus Strait: istanbul, Turkey. The presenter of the morning of the San Ángel television station, through her account Instagramto shared photos and videos of its impressive and expensive outfits enjoying the music and typical food of the ancient city, as well as its most important architectural works, causing a stir on social networks.

“Thank you #istanbul you stay in my heart. Friends @istanbulphotosession @lazgin35 and all the crew. Of the places, warmest and most friendly people”, Galilea Montijo wrote at the bottom of a video where she can be seen in an impressive yellow dress, extremely long, running along the back of Hagia Sophiaan architectural work that is considered a wonder of the world.

The driver of “today” enjoying impressive looks

For the impressive video to be achieved, the protagonist of The hidden truth, Three women Y the price of your love definitely resorted to a professional, since the final result has even been cataloged as a commercial production of some kind of high-end product, with the support of a distinguished photographer who takes large sections, images that could have a high price and difficult of access for any type of tourist.

Within the same publication, various artists did not hesitate to respond with compliments and positive comments, as was the case with their fellow artists. Today Tania Rincon Y Andrea Legarreta who wrote “Spectacular” and “Divine” respectively. or the driver of The Most Dredger, Robert Carlowho once again proved to be a great admirer of her beauty and her work.

Although they were not the only celebrities to leave hundreds of compliments and good reactions, the publication quickly also had to limit the option to “comment”well a great wave of detractors also came to leave their opinions on what are considered a highly exclusive vacationto which not any type of Mexican would have access to have.

Galilea assured that the people of Turkey have been very kind IG: @galileamontijo Galilea Montijo, Televisa, Turkey
Galilea assured that the people of Turkey have been very kind IG: @galileamontijo Galilea Montijo, Televisa, Turkey

“You must earn millions in Televisa to be able to have a photo and video shoot like that, I guess.” “And then since you don’t want to be compared to Ines Gomez Mont if you pay the millionaire for a simple video with a dress that possibly also has to cost an arm and a leg to see”. “Half of the Mexicans do not even have access to go to Acapulco and you are on the other side of the world touring a historic city with a humble salary in TelevisaNo?”, they wrote.

The controversial presenter of Today He also shared other photos enjoying spectacular landscapes in Istanbul, Turkey, wearing various changes of outfits who have obtained a lot of likes on every post. As well as a video dancing and singing the traditional music of the region, in which she can be seen surrounded by friends, while also enjoying the typical gastronomy of the place.

The driver of “today” enjoying impressive looks

It’s important pointing that Hagia Sophia has a main hall of colossal dimensions: 70 by 74 meters, with a dome 56.6 meters high and 31.87 meters in diameter. On the walls and magnificent monolithic columns are huge decorative medallions.


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