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Galilea Montijo tells why she blocked comments on her Instagram: “I don’t even have time to get angry”

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To be a very popular driver, Galilea Montijo has not been exempt from having ‘haters’ who manifest themselves with offensive messages on their social networks, that’s why a long time ago decided to block comments on his Instagram account.

The famous delved into this situation during the most recent broadcast of Divine Neta Unicable program where he shares a set with Daniela Magún, Natalia Téllez, Paola Rojas and Consuelo Duval.

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“Speaking of bullying from people you don’t know and don’t know you, Don’t you think we’d be happier without Instagram comments? That we have the option to close them, I already closed them a while ago and they don’t know how happy it gives me. Also that there were no likes, “said Montijo.

“It is clear to me that it is a tool, it is another way, but we also allow this part of comments,” he added.

To this, Natalia added: “I think what you say because I think the platform is very good, but the way they rank it is to put a company in competition.”

And somehow conducive to lynchingPaula pointed out.

“It is only enough for one to start with the comment and thousands are unleashed,” Montijo said.

Likewise, the also host of the morning Today explained that before “someone else’s comment was worth more to me,” but currently as his son Mateo already reads and goes to see his profile, he decided to carry out this action: “It’s: ‘Mom, why are they telling you this?’

Since I closed comments I don’t even have time to get angryGalilea revealed.


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