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Galilea Montijo tearfully denies his relationship with the drug dealer

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A few days earlier, the driver Galilea Montijo was accused of having an affair with a famous drug dealer, according to the book “Emma and the Other Ladies of Narco”, edited by journalist Anabel Hernández.

Galilea Montijo tearfully denies his relationship with the drug dealer

According to the document, the driver would have had a relationship with Arturo Beltrán Leyva in the past, one of the most wanted drug traffickers in the country and Mexico, but faced with the allegations, Galilea Montijo decided to tearfully respond through his social networks.

Therefore, Galilea Montijo has exploded on his official account Instagram and asked them not to bear false testimony against himPlus, she’s fed up with the media for allegedly making up stories about her life.

“I always behaved professionally and, above all, in strict compliance with our laws. This and a lot of work have enabled me to move forward in a complex environment, and it is with great pride that I brought forth my parents and brothers. Now I also have a family that I have to look after and protect, and a place in this environment. Too many calumnies have hurt me in my career and of course it will continue to hurt. It hurts me that this affects my husband, ”Galilea said in a video posted on social networks.

Galilea asked the press to stop the attacks against him

Galilea stated that this is not the first time that she has been related to other people, of gamers, politicians and drug lords. He also stated that he had always distanced himself from any rumors and demanded that the attacks against him stop.

“I have not and have not had an inappropriate relationship, let alone business, with the Puga Gómez family (…) I will not dwell on this subject or on any subject related to a scandal, I hope you and my colleagues at the will understand Press and respect it too, ”he said.

“I have always remained silent and I have endured, I have been accused in many ways without evidence, I am a very wounded family mother, a woman and I feel devastated and very hurt, a woman who has worked hard since I was a child. ” 14 years old, these scandal topics are handled by a law firm and I will not raise any issues related to these or any other scandals, ”he said.

On the other hand, Galilee He stated that he would only thank the legal department of the company he works for. who helped solve the case of his sister, who was arrested in the past for drug possession.

“My sister Paola got out of an unfortunate and unfair criminal trial with the help of the legal officer of the company I work for and this appears on papers with the attorney’s name on it,” he concluded.

Galilee’s sister, Paola was imprisoned in a Jalisco prison for around three years for drug possession.

Reference from lanoticia

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