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Galilea Montijo says that she has been stereotyped as a “teibolera”: “she would have represented them with dignity”

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divine nets It has become a space for celebrities to discuss motherhood, their love relationships and their mental health, but also to expose the stereotypes or prejudices they have faced, a topic that she delved into Galilee Montijo. The driver pointed out that throughout her career many They have called her “teibolera” in a derogatory way.

During the most recent broadcast of the program, the presenter spoke about how much she has been stereotyped and assured that if she had dedicated herself to table dance, I would have said it with “great pride”.

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They told me a lot ‘it’s that teibol’, and apart if it had been, I would say so. What’s more, how nice to be able to climb that way and open your leg that way. Sometimes I even tell my husband: ‘oh, ‘wait, I already got a cramp, it’s just that I wasn’t a teibolera,'” said Galilea Montijo

She stressed that performing as a table dancer should not be seen as something negative. She also mentioned that she would have had no problem admitting that she was dedicated to it, however, she never did.

If it had been, what’s wrong with it? Today there are even international tournaments, I would have represented them with dignity, but that did hurt memuch“.

“I think that you (Galilea) have been stereotyped a lot,” Daniela Magun told him.

The also actress replied that indeed she has been stereotyped in “many ways” and spoke specifically of the attacks he has received from a magazine with national circulation.

“This woman, who apart from me, I do not know or know me, said: ‘synonymous with Naquez: Galilea Montijo’, I said: ‘okay, I do not know her, she does not know me,'” he added.

Paola Rojas and Natalia Téllez, against stereotypes

Listening to the story of the driver of Today, Paola Rojas mentioned that whoever uses a derogatory term “to refer to someone else is degraded” and Natalia Tellez He expressed his annoyance at the situation.

“They associate us with our characters and this happens especially for those who are actresses,” Rojas said.

Minutes before, Paola Rojas indicated that it is liberating to make fun of one’s own defects, but that does not give the rest of the people the right to make fun of it, because in their opinion that is already bullying.

“Everyone can laugh at their defects, it’s even cathartic and you vaccinate a little, It is one thing for you to laugh at your shortcomings, your mistakes or evils and another thing is for others to assume that they can laugh too, that is, who allows you. There it is already mockery, there it is already bullying.


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