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Galilea Montijo jokes with Steve Aoki and makes a funny request in Televisa dressing rooms

Galilee Montijo, famous host of today programcelebrated that Steve Aoki attend the morning broadcast of television, so he did not hesitate to share an approach to the electronic music icon, he spoke in English and joked with him. Will he have understood?

It was through his Instagram account where Galilea Montijo showed off to her followers the meeting she had with DJ Steve Aoki, after he went to the morning broadcast of Today.

Galilea Montijo confesses that “she did not know how to be alone, that’s why she was always looking for a partner”

With a video, Galilea Montijo showed that she had the opportunity to speak with Steve Aoki in the dressing rooms. However, the way she did it was the one that gave her the most to talk about. And it is that the Guadalajara used as a tool the fact that Aoki will throw cakes at his fans during his performances.. Her famous one asked her to do the same with her, while she danced.

“Put the cake on my face,” asked Galilea Montijo.

Upon request, Steve Aoki continued the game and pretended to throw a cake at the Tapatia. In the meantime, Galilea continued with the performance, moving as if the cake had been thrown at her and even ended up smearing it all over her body.

The encounter immediately went viral and garnered hundreds of reactions. For many the clip was funny, while for others it was uncomfortable. What do you think? Here we leave you the video:


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