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Galilea Montijo confessed that she has been stereotyped throughout her career: “They told me a lot ‘it’s that teibol'”

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Galilea Montijo confessed that they have stereotyped her

Since her first appearance last May as the new host of the hit TV show Unicable, Net Divine beside Paola Rojas, Consuelo Duval, Natalia Tellez and Daniela Magun, Galilea Montijo He has not stopped giving something to talk about by joining one of the most widely accepted projects on pay television in Mexico.

On this occasion during a talk at the central debate table of Divine Netthe well-known hosts began to talk about the stereotypes and prejudices that exist between women, when suddenly the also presenter of the program today I take the floor and I confess that throughout her career many have called her “teibolera”.

They told me a lot ‘it’s that teibol’, and apart if it had been, I would say so. What’s more, how nice to be able to climb that way and open your leg that way. Sometimes I even tell my husband: ‘oh,’ wait, I already got a cramp, it’s that I wasn’t teibolera ‘”, she indicated with a laugh.

Galilea Montijo confessed that she has been stereotyped throughout her career Photo: Instagram/@netasdivinastv

This statement stunned her teammates when began to say that if he had dedicated himself to table danceI would have said it with “great pride”because he admires women who can feel that security in their bodies and assured that it should not be seen as something negative.

In addition, she mentioned that she would have had no problem admitting that she dedicated herself to it, however, she never did: “If it had been, what’s wrong with it? Today there are even international tournaments, I would have represented them with dignity, but that did hurt me a lot”, he remarked.

In this context, his partner in Ndivine ets, Daniela Magún highlighted that Galilea Montijo is one of the most attacked and stereotyped women in the entertainment world: “I think that you (Galilea) have been stereotyped a lot”, stressed the former member of the musical group Kabah.

The also actress replied that they have effectively stereotyped her in “many ways” and spoke specifically of the attacks she has received from a Mexican publication: “This woman, who besides I don’t know her or me, said: ‘synonymous with naquez: Galilea Montijo’, I said: ‘okay, I don’t know her, she doesn’t know me’”, he added.

Finally, when her other companions began to hear the anecdote of the also histrionic, Paola Rojas mentioned that whoever uses a derogatory term “to refer to someone else is degraded” and Natalia Téllez expressed her annoyance at the situation.

They associate us with our characters and this happens especially for those who are actresses”, He indicated with notorious annoyance after the story of the also 49-year-old histrionic Guadalajaran.

(Photo: Instagram/@netasdivinastv)
(Photo: Instagram/@netasdivinastv)

This has not been the only question in which Galilea has been involved after her addition as a presenter in one of the flagship programs of unicablesince several Internet users did not hide their displeasure at adding an extra driver and more for the fear that the program will lose its distinctiveness.

And it is that the night program where they serve as hosts, Paola Rojas, Consuelo Duval, Natalia Téllez, Daniela Magún and Galilea Montijo, Netas divinas has become a space for celebrities to discuss motherhood, their love relationships and their mental health.

On the other hand, and in another past edition of divine net, Galilea Montijo He was honest about how he has suffered over the years after turning more than 40 in a talk with his colleagues where they addressed the issue of how women live over the years, when there are more significant hormonal changes.


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