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Galilea Montijo boasts of his ability to earn more than 8 thousand pesos in minutes

Galilea Montijo casino

The TV host showed off her skills at the casino after winning 8,677 pesos.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.- Galilea Montijo impressed his fans afterwards show your skills in the casino afterwards Earn 8,677 pesos in minutes.

Recently, viewers were surprised by the absence of Tapatia in the morning, but after several rumors, Gali herself announced that she had traveled to the United States to be in the Latin Grammy 2021. Since this award takes place in Las Vegas, the host insisted on trying his luck at the casino.

Galilea Montijo Boasts Of His Ability To Earn More Than 8 Thousand Pesos In Minutes - Light Home News

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Where does Galilea Montijo’s ability to play in the casino come from?

Galilea Montijo He bragged about how well he was doing in the morning and in the company of Bernardo Moreno, “The Makeup Artist of Las Estrellas”.

Likewise through Videos and photos shared on their Instagram stories that Tapathy has shown details of his trip to the United States. It was there that he suspected his visit to one of the popular ones Casinos the city in which he earned 8,677 pesos.

It should be noted that minutes beforehand Bernardo MorenoShe had pointed out that the host of the show “Hoy” had no idea about gambling, but Galilea showed her the opposite and was visibly touched thanked his mother for teaching him to play machines.

As for his departure from “Hoy” and the San Ángel TV station, it was all a rumor as Galilea Montijo traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States to be there Part of the transfer, the Televisa will be on the Latin Grammy 2021.

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