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Gal Gadot Turns To Social Media In Promotion Of “Red Notice”


girl gadot She hit social networks with a stunning outfit to promote the film red notice after this Ryan Reynolds u Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

The 36-year-old actress wore apparel long color Red, With deep neckline, abdominal opening and a slit cut To show off her shapely legs.

girl gadot She complemented her outfit with white sneakers and highlighted her features with makeup in intense tones for the session. photos.

Announcement of the film ‘Red Notice’

In the image, the star of amazing lady posed next to Ryan Reynolds, with tuxedo with black pants and white jacket. dwayne johnsonFor his part, he used a black one with a white shirt.

With the publication, Netflix announced that the film red notice It will release in cinemas worldwide on November 12, www.viveusa.mx announced.

millionaire netflix production

This may be the company’s most expensive tape, because Had a budget of $200 million. salary only Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot were $20 million each.

Was in charge of producing the feature film “La Roca”., so your earnings will be more than the income of your co-stars.

The plot of “Red Notice”

red notice tells the story of an Interpol agent played by dwayne, who tries to catch girl, while the world’s biggest art thief reynolds Biggest scammer.

Besides celebrating the next premiere of his latest film, girl gadot Celebrates the birth of his third daughter.

to announce the news, The actress shared a picture in which she is posing in bed with little Daniela, her husband Yaron Versano, and their other two daughters, aged three and nine.

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