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Gaby Spanic recalled an epic scene from La Usurpadora

The actress Gaby spanic remembered her epic dialogue.

As part of the dynamic Trow back time (back in time) on Thursdays, the actress Gaby Spanic revived a mythical sequence that came out in the usurperTelevisa telenovela launched in 1998.

“Thursday of #tbt❤ with this Paulina meme I love you in time my angels! Leave your questions in the question box I left open in the stories! Total! ”, Gaby Spanic wrote on her Instagram account.

The character she played in said telenovela is called Paulina and in that scene she mentioned: “Tomorrow I have to take the first steps to get the two million dollars that are needed.”

Photo: Ig/@gabyspanictv

In addition, he added a humorous touch by turning the scene into a meme, since at the top he wrote: “When my bills for the month arrive.”

Many of her fans identified themselves in the comment box and did not miss the opportunity to praise the soap opera actress.

In December 2021 it was announced that in 2022 a musical by The Usurper.

Via Variety The news, the cast and the details about its production and musical content were revealed:

Gaby Spanic could not appear in the new version of "La Usurpadora" (Video: Televisa Screenshot)
Gaby Spanic could not appear in the new version of “La Usurpadora” (Video: Televisa Screenshot)

Isabella Castillo Y Allan Estrada lead the cast of the musical version of one of the most successful soap operas in history, broadcast in more than 125 countries and translated into 24 languages ​​at the end of the 90s. The usurper The Musicalbegan filming in Mexico, under the direction of Santiago Lemoncindy the royal, Rebel-, who also co-wrote the script with Mary HinojosMirreyes vs. Godinez-.

She will give life to the unforgettable character of the twins: “Paulina Martínez” and “Paola Montaner de Bracho”; he will play one of the characters that gave Colunga world fame, “Carlos Daniel Bracho.” Although fans of melodramas are wondering on social networks – which, by the way, the film already has an official profile on Instagram – if either of the two protagonists returns to make a cameo or appearance in the film, the answer is still unknown.

Pantelion Films and the producer The Lift Entertainment they announced this project as “the most ambitious of the study”, which will also feature performances by Shane West, Jesus Ochoa, Valentine, Susana Zabaleta, Alexandra Law, Cecilia Toussaint and the special appearance of Alejandra Guzmanwho recently participated in The Game of Keys for a streaming platform and it is rumored that he could do a musical tour with Pauline Rubio.

This is how the actress promoted the return of "La Usurpadora" in 2020 (Photo: screenshot of her publication on Instagram @gabyspanictv)
This is how the actress promoted the return of “La Usurpadora” in 2020 (Photo: screenshot of her publication on Instagram @gabyspanictv)

At the moment it is unknown if Gaby Spanic will have any kind of special participation in said musical, since in May of this same year he revealed that He is already thinking about his definitive retirement from soap operas.

. the protagonist of the usurperwho has a long and successful career, has paralyzed the soap opera community since he confessed that he is already thinking about his definitive retirement.

In a recent interview for the most popular morning show on the San Ángel television station, Todaythe actress who recently participated in Warrior heart He assured that he is already thinking about retiring from soap operas definitively, since a break would be the best thing for his professional career and his private life, because that way he could focus on his son full-time, so the idea of ​​even leaving Mexico also is in your plans.

Yes, I already want to put a stop. There comes a time when, like you already did what you had to do… I want to make a movie, but while they are apples and pears, I think, is it worth it?”, expressed the interpreter to the Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta program.


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