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Gaby Ramírez seeks a public apology from Platanito; denounces abuse of power on television

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The driver Gaby Ramirez recently accused the famous comedian Sergio Verduzco —better known in the media as Platanito— to touch his chest without his consent.

In an interview for Gossip of MULTIMEDIA, Gaby Ramirez reacted to the answer that Platanito gave, which came in the voice of Estaban Macías, who explained that Platanito clarified that it was part of a sketch; however, the driver assures that this was not budgeted.

“In the end, the contest is over, Platanito ‘grabbed’ and touched the breast (…) Plátano says that he was in the sketch, his script and his freedman, I think it was in his head“, he accused. “PLatanito to all the guests, not all but almost all, I gave them a kiss on the mouth and the guests did not want to go“, reveals.

Ramírez also assured that there is another woman, who lives in the United States, who sued him because he allegedly touched her buttocks, and they ended up firing her from the channel. Gaby did not reveal her name because she expressly requested it, but she assures that they are still in the process.

As for the possibility of taking him to a criminal court, Ramírez is still not very clear about what she can do, and says to herself in a “controversy” about the situations that exist.

“I am in a controversy. Why? Plátano is not a US resident, he is not even a citizen; I think the facts should be sued here, in the US,” he clarifies, saying that there are witnesses. “After what happened, he is saying that the owner of the company fired me, I had a contract, they cannot fire me, legally that cannot be done; you have to speak with knowledge of the cause and knowing the laws“.

In addition, he denounces that on the television station he abused the power he had, since he is one of the great stars of TV star in the United States and ensures that they fulfill each of the whims that you have, such as cars, motorcycles and even in the same apartment where you liveso they protected him.

Gaby Ramírez seeks a public apology from Platanito

After assuring that he is not clear about what his actions could be in the legal field, Gaby Ramirez He assured that what he is looking for is a public apology from the comedian.

“It’s going very well economically for me. I’m really looking for a public apology,” he says, “because what he did, he didn’t stop there, he stopped when I was going to a costume fitting and, on the orders of Sergio (Platanito), they told me ‘when Platanito is recording, you can’t go into the studio’“, he added.

The driver assures that she went to human resources but they “shut her mouth”: “they told me ‘Platanito is the star right now, and there are two: either you remain silent and continue participating in his show (…) or we see what we do ‘. I had just given birth, my son hadn’t even been a month old, I had to keep paying (…),” she says. “I decided to keep quiet, because it meant losing my job or keeping quiet,” she added.

Why did you wait nine years to file a complaint?

As for the nine years that passed before she raised her voice on the subject, Ramírez explained that the fact of being there working was the same thing that made her silence.

“They made me, they forced me to fix it because when I see that they start to block me, then they make me bring him a flower arrangement and ask him for forgiveness, at that time Mr. Liberman,” he says. “I go and give her a flower arrangement, Banana didn’t even take it, and threw it in the trash“, he recounts explaining that he was even still working with him.

What I am airing here is abuse of power, how this person is abusing that character to abuse women“, he denounces. “I was a quiet person for nine years.”


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