Gaby Platas reveals her hell with Paco de la O

With three divorces, Gaby platas admit that only one of her ex-husbands is the only one “I don’t deserve anything”, because with him he lived a true hell that made him experience theviolence, infidelities and drugs.

“Outside you can see one thing and inside the house it is another. (Divorcing) was definitely the best decision for me. You don’t realize that you live in violent environments, infidelity, drugs and suddenly, you get used to it”, Admitted the actress in an interview for María Patricia Castañeda.

The person behind those statements is Francisco de la O, the ex-driver of Come the joy. And although the conflictive character of the actor is not a secret, the confession surprised many, because the couple projected stability with nine years of marriage.

Regardless of the fact that I think that as a person he does not deserve me anything; but I think that for me as a woman it was important to end a relationship with so many negative things ”.

The actress of soap operas like “What happens to my family”, “Two women and a road”, In addition to programs like “Otro Rollo”, she was married for the first time to the businessman Alberto shueke with which it barely lasted three years. Her second marriage was to the radio host Alfonso Vera, from whom he separated after five years together.

With three marriages, Gaby Plata also opened up about the operation that was carried out not to become a mother, As she assures that she was always aware that she did not want surprises or go through an unwanted pregnancy.