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Gaby Castillo from Falling in Love is arrested: what is her relationship with the Tepito Union?

Gaby Castillo from Falling in Love is arrested: what is her relationship with the Tepito Union?

Gaby Castle, former member of Fall in love is imprisoned for its links to organized crime.

MEXICO CITY – Gaby Castillo, through their participation in the. became known TV program Azteca “Fall in love” it was imprisoned for its alleged association with crimes of the Drug trafficking and fraud.

The Red Note reporter Carlos Jiménez reported on the social networks Arrest of Gaby Castillo in Mexico City:

They arrest Gaby Castillo for falling in love. the Ex-girlfriend of ‘El Lunares’ de la Unión She was arrested by agents of the SSC_CDMX. I was with one of the scammers the Soto family, dedicated to stealing luxury cars with bad checks, “wrote Jiménez.

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Why was Gaby Castillo arrested for falling in love?

It was announced last Monday, January 3rd the arrest of Gaby Castillo, Influencer and reggaeton singer who also took part in the reality show to a partner named. to find “Fall in love”. The 26 year old was imprisoned While he drove a vehicle of dubious origin.

According to the information provided by Carlos Jiménez, Gabriela Castillo was arrested by members of the Mexico City Civil Security Secretariat when they circulate around Tlatelolco on board a delivery truck in which he was too one of the members of the Soto familywho are committed to the theft of vehicles.

The Red Note reporter noticed the man who was with Gaby Castle, and who is believed to be her romantic partner has been identified as José Hareff Soto Jiménez, accused of drug trafficking and fraud.

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This was the arrest of Gaby Castillo

The Civil Security Secretariat (SSC) reported that Police officers conducted security tours and prevention if they watched two people on board a van black manipulating “little wrappers”.

When you conduct a security clearance, they found it 169 plastic bags with cocaine and 70 with marijuana, for which they were imprisoned and transferred to the State Ministry representative to determine their legal position.

The SSC reported that Gabriela “N”, probably belongs to a criminal group is dedicated, among other things, to the sale of drugs, soil collection, extortion, homicides in various parts of the CDMX.

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Gaby Castillo, Joseph Hareff and his relationship with the Soto family

After the arrest of Gaby Castillo, José Hareff alleged sentimental partner of the influencer, became a member of the. identified Soto family, criminal group to whom is dedicated Luxury Vehicle Fraud.

After an investigation by the capital city authorities, it was found that the Modus operandi of the Soto family consists Buy high-end cars with bad checks in Mexico City and various parts of the republic, mainly in Monterrey, Morelos, and the state of Mexico.

It was also pointed out that Joseph Hareff he carried out this type of scam, in addition to selling and distributing drugs in the downtown area of ​​the capital.

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La Unión Tepito and Gaby Castillo

A few years ago, Gaby Castle supposed to have a romantic relationship Oscar Flores “El Lunares”, leader of La Unión Tepito and who is currently serving a prison sentence of more than 20 years for murder, organized crime and drug trafficking.

According to El Universal, Gaby had a courtship with the capo while participating in television programs.

But before maintain a relationship with the hermit today “El Lunares”, leader of La Unión Tepito, Gabriela Castillo was already related to Mauricio “N” alias “The Chicken”, Member of the same organization and that he was murdered in 2019.

According to the journalist Antonio Nieto, The hit man Gaby threatened with death on various occasions but one of the darkest episodes of their relationship was when shot the young woman’s car. Mauricio was jailed four times for crimes such as manslaughter.

Gaby Castillo Arrested From Falling In Love
Gaby Castillo arrested from falling in love

However, the authorities have determined that Gaby Castle What Member of “La Unión Tepito”, that’s because It is being investigated whether he was involved in various blackmail acts to his customers whom he took with him compromising photographs, and then ask them for money so as not to make them public.

Besides, they noticed that once her singing career failed, became “Scort”, Work i used to do sell drugs Especially in areas like Polanco, Santa Fe, Interlomas, but also in hip clubs where “I got young customers”.

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Gaby Castillo, friend of “El Lunares” and other drug dealers

Gaby Castillo, Former participant of “Enamorándonos” apparently has love affairs with drug dealers for several years, because in addition to his alleged romances with Oscar Flores “El Lunares”, “El pollo”, member of the same organization (Union Tepito) and its current advertising Joseph Hareff (Member of the Soto family)

It was announced that Gaby had a sentimental relationship with Iván Serrato’s “El che ché”, who It is located in Mexico City’s North Prison after he was arrested selling drugs in flagrante delicto amid an investigation into alleged responsibility for the disappearance of three Sanborns employees in 2019.

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Who is Gaby Castillo?

Gabriela Castillo is a 26 year old girl who has been identified as Influencer. He rose to fame in 2018 after participating in the TV reality show Azteca “Fall in love”. Due to her statuesque body and cheerful personality, Gabriela became one of the favorites while participating in the program.

After his popularity on the show, he became an influencer and later a reggaeton singer. For this facet of his life, not only its appearance has changed a lot also his name, since he was no longer known Gaby Castle will Briela sanza and identify yourself as a singer, dancer and model fitness.

Although his musical career was not gaining momentum, it has been known to be in full swing record a reggaeton album and even recently released the song “Enrola” with Xarly Guillén, a single for which he also recorded the music video.

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What is the current legal situation of Gaby Castillo?

Until now the legal situation of Gaby Castillo is unknown, but still, could be processedbecause at the time of arrest within the luxurious truck Black worth more than a million pesos small packages were found With Cocaine and that drug known as “stone”, in addition to a firearm.

In addition, the reply letter was found with which it is suspected You cheated on the owner of the truck that determined the cost of more than one Million pesos from vehicle. The results of the investigation showed that the truck was bought with a bottomless check last December 14 of “The Soto“.

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