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Gaby Castillo from Enamorándonos denies her relationship with a member of “Los Sotos”

Gaby castillo niega relación el integrante de los Sotos

Gaby Castillo or Briela Sanz, as they called themselves last, worked out a strategy to avoid imprisonment.

MEXICO CITY – Gaby Castlewho was one of the contestants on the show a few years ago Aztec television, “Fall in love” caught the attention of several after being stopped Circulating in a truck valued at over a million pesos and that was it reported stolen.

Authorities found that the reggaeton singer and her current partner (José Hareff Soto Jiménez) acquired the luxury vehicle with a bad check. Likewise at the time of arrest in the truck, 169 plastic bags with cocaine and 70 with marijuanaIn addition to packages containing the drug known as a “stone”, a firearm was also found.

The former participant of “Enamorándonos” is Investigation by the Attorney General of the Republic, however, it was announced that Gaby Castle she already had a “strategy” so that she is not related to the person with whom she was found in company and who should be her sentimental partner and Member of the band “Los Sotos”.

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Gaby Castillo denies relationship with one of “Los Sotos” not to be locked up

It was the reporter Antonio Nieto from Noticieros Televisa who reported this Gaby Castillo from “In Love” would have explained not having any kind of relationship Jose Hareff Sotowho was with her at the time of arrest and identified as Member of the band “Los Sotos”. The young man has already been charged with drug trafficking and luxury car fraud.

Briela sanza (as he called himself in recent years) would have revealed his facet of “Scort”, as El Universal suggested.

“I only did him one service,” Gaby Castillo told authorities when they asked about the nature of the relationship they were connected with Joseph Hareff

However, it has been found that for eight months Gaby and he Member of the band “Los Sotos” led a romantic relationship. the engagement that the influencer has with the alleged perpetrator would lead to her being viewed as an accomplice, and even so responsible of some of the Luxury car theft.

As evidence, some media highlight the publications the young woman posted on Instagram in which she bragged about her extravagant Life full of luxury and the vehicles he drove.

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