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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Gabriel Soto talks about the ‘cancellation’ of his wedding with Irina Baeva; “These are the reasons…”

Gabriel Soto wedding cancellation: “Things have been out of our hands”

Gabriel Soto wedding cancellation

The Mexican actor revealed that the issue of the conflict of the war between Ukraine and Russia has been very strong, because because of this the couple has not been able to get married. Irina Baeva recently also said that she needs her parents to be present, otherwise it would not be the same.

“The situation is very uncertain and they don’t want to do it, so without their parents here, why do we have a wedding?” Gabriel Soto pointed out. “We finished in January and then in January we will resume the wedding projects,” he explained. “We wanted this year, but now it was like when the pandemic, these are things that are out of our hands,” said Soto. (VIDEO) Filed Under: Gabriel Soto wedding cancellation

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