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Gabriel Soto talks about the ‘cancellation’ of his wedding with Irina Baeva; “These are the reasons…”

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  • The Mexican actor spoke to the media about his wedding with Irina
  • Gabriel Soto reveals the reasons why he has not married the Russian actress
  • Irina Baeva was caught in Miami looking at wedding dresses

Gabriel Soto wedding cancellation. The Mexican actor and singer, Gabriel Soto, is known for being the “heartthrob” of soap operas that we have all seen at some point. The 47-year-old actor has starred in starring roles in movies and TV shows such as “Single with Daughters,” “Thief Who Steals a Thief,” and “Divided Love,” to name a few…

The handsome blonde fell in love with the Russian actress Irina Baeva, with whom he has been together for a few years. The love that united them was so strong that she even proposed to him. It should be noted that the age difference is not an important issue for the couple, since she is 29 years old, while Soto is 47.

Reveals the reasons why he has not married Irina

Gabriel Soto wedding cancellation

Finally, after having “dodged” the press for a while, Gabriel Soto gave statements on the reasons why his wedding with Irina Baeva will continue to be postponed, since he made it clear that there are still some things that must be put in order, and that perhaps, it could be until the next year…

“Everything was put on pause, obviously… Due to the issue of the conflict in Russia and Ukraine, that her parents (of Irina) cannot come”, she told the cameras. “She spoke with her father and he told her: ‘Look, in a year we definitely can’t, we won’t go out,'” said the Mexican actor. Filed Under: Gabriel Soto wedding cancellation

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