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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Gabriel Soto recalled when he sang live in ‘Hoy’ and unleashed criticism: “I’m not intoned”

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For several years Gabriel Soto has stood out in soap operas, however, something that many may not remember is that he began his career as a singer when he was part of the Kairo group. And although a few years ago he tried to revive this facet, not everything went as expected after a performance on the show Today.

A few years ago Gabriel Soto went to the program to interpret the theme Everything reminds me of you, but during all his presentations he had lip-synced, but on that occasion the producer decided that the famous sing live.

This moment was remembered recently in Today because they completed 24 years on the air and took advantage to ask Gabriel Soto his feelings after his presentation that unleashed criticism against him for not knowing how to sing.

“I have said it openly, I am not the singer that the world expected, much less I am tuned, but that time we were practicing all the rehearsals and we did them with playback and five minutes before going on the air the decision was made, the producer made the decision, that it be live”, he recalled.

Irina Baeva’s fiancé mentioned that he was not prepared to sing live and would have liked the producer told him beforehand that he couldn’t do playback.

“Singing live on television you need an audio engineer who authorizes you, who moves the console a little there so that your voice is heard well. So, it is not justification, but if they had told me from the beginning that it was going live, then everything is prepared to make a live presentation, and it was not like that.

At the end of the interview, Andrea Legarreta mentioned that this presentation by Gabriel Soto it is difficult to forget and came to his defense.

“But you are much more than that number, even if it is unforgettable, you are much more than that, you are a huge career, right?”


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