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Gabriel Soto recalled his worst moment in Hoy: “I am not the singer that the world expected”

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The actor was the victim of ridicule and criticism for singing “Everything reminds me of you” live in 2013.

One of the moments of Mexican television most remembered by the public is when Gabriel Soto appeared on the show Today as singerbut his interpretation was not the best and he quickly became target of criticism and ridicule. After more than eight years, the actor remembered this embarrassing moment.

In the middle of the celebration for the 24th anniversary of the program Todaythe drivers remembered the day Gabriel Soto was invited to the morning show to present his song Everything reminds me of youwhich was expected to be successful because his acting career was already in one of its best moments.

It was in 2013 when the soap opera heartthrob ventured into music with his album Inevitable. Like most Mexican artists, he appeared on various shows to publicize Everything reminds me of youbut did it with playback; however, the day came when he had to perform livewithout having prepared.

Currently, "Everything reminds me of you" has 44 thousand views on Spotify (Screenshot: YouTube)
Currently, “Everything reminds me of you” has 44 thousand views on Spotify (Screenshot: YouTube)

the protagonist of divided love Evidently nervous, he was presented along with his record. At that time he assured that he did it for funnot as a profession to which you would like to spend all your time; “something different”called him before starting his show.

As for the dance, everything turned out as expected, but not so in the singing, because the actor was short of breath and was out of tune, so the criticism did not take long to arrive.

“I admire the professionalism of the dancers, they do their job without laughing”, “It must have been the longest minutes of his life”“It must be recognized that not everyone dares to do what Gabriel did”, are some of the comments that remain to this day from that unforgettable presentation.

Gabriel Soto's presentation in Hoy adds more than 800 thousand views on YouTube, with more than 5 thousand comments making fun of the actor (Screenshot: YouTube)
Gabriel Soto’s presentation in Hoy adds more than 800 thousand views on YouTube, with more than 5 thousand comments making fun of the actor (Screenshot: YouTube)

This August 2, Gabriel recalled this embarrassing moment and assured that at the time he prepared himself as always, with several rehearsals with the dancers, since he always had playback; however, that day, from one moment to another, they told him that he would have to sing live.

“I have said it openly, I am not the singer that the world expected, much less I am intonedbut that time we were practicing all the rehearsals and we did them with playback Y five minutes before to go on air the decision was made, the producer made the decision, that it be live”, he told the program Today.

He assured that if someone had warned him in time, he would have prepared to sing, because he could have brought a team to help him with his voice, but it was not like that and his presentation now remains one of the best moments of the morning of Televisa.

“Singing live on television you need an audio engineer who authorizes you, who moves the console a little there so that your voice is heard well. So, it is not justification, but if they had told me from the beginning that I was going live, then everything is prepared to make a live presentation, and it was not like that “

Among the comments of the presenters at the end of Soto’s capsule, Andrea Legarreta was the first to defend the actor, emphasizing that, although no one forgets that day, he has a great career in soap operas that supports him as an artist.

“But you you are much more than that numberEven if it’s unforgettable, you’re much more than that, you’re a huge career, right? “said the presenter.

Despite the teasing and the bad time that happened, Gabriel Soto has assured on several occasions for the program Today that he would sing again if any production requires it, because he feels proud of Everything reminds me of you.


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