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Gabby Taméz will not take legal action against Platanito for sexual harassment

Gabby Taméz recently accused Sergio Verduzco ‘Platanito’, denouncing sexual harassment and later ‘making his life impossible’. After the case of the television host Gaby Ramírez, who accuses the comedian of touching and abuse of powerthe singer expressed what happened, adding her testimony against the “clown” on Estrella TV.

Gabby Taméz accuses Platanito of sexual harassment; she assures she made her life impossible: “I panicked”

In an interview for Gossip of MULTIMEDIATaméz reported that in 2014 she was called to be part of the Platanito program as a singer, in her first job on television, so she had little experience.

“I didn’t know how everything was handled, the truth was I was inexperienced (and told him), ‘not because the boss likes little cuddles, cuddles, caresses‘, and I… I started panicking because you’re like with all the joy, “he says.

Given this, Gabby she told him she had a boyfriend; but later she began to propose that he take nude photographs of her: “the man was determined to make my life impossible there on the channel,” she denounces.

He clarifies that he never touched her without her consent; However, he says that there was always constant harassment by the star of the channel and “making his life impossible,” according to what she says. In addition, it clarifies that there are more girls who were harassed by Verduzcoand mentions, as Gaby Ramirez did, a woman who wants to remain anonymous.

“Platanito has a lot to do with it, because psychologically, mentally, he humiliated me, he offended me, a lot of things happened,” he says about Platanito and part of the staff.

But it was not only Platanito, but also Taméz also filed a complaint against the drummer and musical director of the show’s group: “I never went to Human Resources about the Platanito directly, but when Estaban happens, I also mention the Platanito things,” he clarifies.

The drummer sexually harassed four of the girls,” he clarifies. “Esteban even asked us to borrow money and in the end it turned out that he never paid us.“.

Gabby Taméz will not report or seek compensation for the damage

Regarding the possible legal actions that could be taken regarding Sergio Verduzco, Taméz clarifies that at the moment he is not seeking any type of compensation, but he publicly denounces to support the testimony of Gaby Ramírez and the women who were harassed by Platanito.

I’m not even filing a complaint, I’m not even asking for money, I’m not even interested; The thing is that it was something that I suffered and I would like this man to stop doing it“, he clarifies.

However, he adds: “I am going to go as far as I have to go because I want to support this, which has hurt me for a long time,” he answers about approaching a legal team.

In this sense, it ensures that He has no problem helping other people who take legal action against Verduzco with his testimony or even evidence..


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