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‘G Flip On The Origins Of Space’ Song And ‘Superstar’ Partner Chrishel Stause (Exclusive)

Zee Flip’s new song might be his most meaningful song till date. On Wednesday, ahead of International Non-Binary People’s Day, the 27-year-old singer released her latest single, “West of Space,” accompanied by a music video with artists composed entirely of non-binary or genderfluid people.

Ahead of the track’s release, ET’s Cassie DiLaura spoke to G Flip, who spoke about the meaning behind the song.

“It’s a song about me coming to terms with being non-binary as a kid,” he explains. “I was bullied because I would wear a boys uniform to school and then I would hang out with the boys. When I was about seven years old, I was in a friendship group, always hanging out with friends, footy, pokemon cards was playing. , everything. And then one day they were like, ‘You’re a girl.’ Even though my hair was short, boys in uniform, look exactly like them, they said one day I couldn’t play with them. So then I went to the girls who were in clothes and then they said I didn’t play with them because I was a boy.”

“I was stuck in the middle and they called me a waste of space,” G. Flip says. “In terms of binary and being non-binary, I feel like I’m in between both sexes, just a mix of that. It’s like when you’re non-binary. I wanted to write a powerful song about this.”

In addition to his interview with ET, G Flip wrote an open letter about the track, admitting that they were unsure whether they would release it publicly. Ultimately, the decision to do so was made when G Flip’s “gender identity was put in the spotlight” amid her romance with him. selling sunset Star Chrishel Stause.

“I have been inundated with messages and questions about being non-binary. There have been many positive messages from parents asking and asking parents how to best support their non-binary children, with Messages from people who just want to understand what non-binary is and what it means,” wrote G Flip. “But there have also been a lot of hateful messages about my gender identity and people even telling me I’m not non-binary.”

“As I receive more and more of these messages, I realize how much education the world needs when it comes to gender identity. Even though I wasn’t sure I’d ever release this song “The more I thought about it, the more I realized how much the world needed this song,” he continued. “Today is International Non-Binary People’s Day. I’m releasing this song because I know if I had this song as a kid, it would change my whole life.”

G Flip’s childhood was something that he reflected on a lot between the process of writing the song and filming its music video. So much so that G Flip took up solo art at the age of seven.

“I remember looking at myself in the mirror and being like, ‘What are you?’ That’s the song, that’s in the song. I wanted to use that artwork because I think everyone who now identifies as non-binary has a picture of them as a kid where you can see that Look at the picture and you’re like, ‘I was the one,'” G-Flip told ET. “I was that little back-hat-wearing little punk I’ve always wanted to be. But then society floods you with a lot of information, like, you have to be a woman. Everyone I was seeing — the Pussycat Dolls, J.Lo, Shakira — loved all those actors, but that wasn’t me. I was this little boy dressed, a fat little kid. I didn’t have that representation.”

Becoming that representation to the other child is something G Flip tries to accomplish.

“It seems to me that my purpose on this earth is to educate the world about gender identity and to be the non-binary role model I never grew up with,” she wrote in her open letter. “Representation in the media matters. I, along with many other gender non-conforming souls, are here. We exist and we are going to make noise so that this generation and future generations are not ostracized for being their beautiful, authentic Be done. Yourself.”

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Although it hasn’t always been easy for the G Flip, they have learned to “see the light in everything and the positive side of everything”.

“People are going to throw stuff at you,” he tells ET. “People are going to try to bring you down. Social media is trying to bring you down. But you don’t have to care. I’m a very easy going person.”

It was with this mindset that G Flip and Stause made their relationship public. He did so in spectacular fashion, co-starring in the PDA-heavy music video for G Flip’s track, “Get Me Outta Here.”

“We had a lot of fun on set. We still talk about that day and how much fun we had. And now every time we go to 7-Eleven, we’re like, ‘Do we Should I start making?'” says G. Flip. “It was so much fun and easy. The crew I work with, the production team I work with, and my creative director, they’re all queer, and it was such a beautiful, safe place…something crazy. To make art. Enjoyed it.”

While G Flip “wasn’t nervous about going public” about his relationship with Stause, he wanted to make sure his real estate agent partner was “comfortable to do so.”

G Flip says of the music video, “I know she sells houses and is just an all-around boss, but she’s very creative and really good at writing and storytelling and everything, so she decided to do it. Being creative along helped.” “I was stunned as long as she was comfortable. She’s mastered acting because of her soap and stuff, [but] I am not. So it was really cool with a co-star that when the cameras are gone, he’s ready to go. He’s a superstar… he’s awesome.”

Despite their romance now being revealed to the world, G Flip doesn’t know if they want to appear on it. selling sunset, Stause is also unsure of the possibility, as she previously told ET that her relationship on the Netflix series “seems a little scary.”

“I never thought about my life that I was on a reality show. I guess I stick to music. I don’t want people to know me as a reality star like a musician, because my All my life I’ve been playing music. Ever since I was nine, that’s always been my dream,” G. Flip explains. “I’ve always wanted to play drums and stuff in the studio or on stage. So I don’t think it’s really for me.”

Still, he assured fans, “I support Chriselle, and I love the entire cast.”

“I’ve met the whole cast selling sunset And the creators behind it, and they’re all such rad, awesome people,” says G. Flip. “They’re so great. They’re so funny.”

“waste of space” is out now.

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