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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Furious! Laura Bozzo explodes after learning that Camila, former lover of the now King Carlos III, will be queen (PHOTOS)

  • Laura Bozzo is petrified by the death of Queen Elizabeth II
  • The Peruvian exploded because the ex-lover of the now King Carlos III became queen
  • He spoke on behalf of Lady Di in the middle of a terrible day for royalty

Laura Bozzo was one of the celebrities shocked by the death of Queen Elizabeth II and it is that the Peruvian did not remain silent after knowing the line of succession in the royal family that now appointed King Carlos III as president and his wife Camila as Queen consort, which undoubtedly left the former members of ‘The House of Famous 2’ petrified.

Self-appointed as ‘the defender of women’, despite the fact that it was anything but that within the Telemundo reality show in which she got tired of insulting Niurka, Natalia Alcocer, Ivonne Montero and even her so-called ‘daughter’ Daniella Navarro, The Peruvian exploded sending a clear message of indignation, but did everyone applaud her?

Laura Bozzo goes against the former lover of the now King Carlos III

Laura Bozzo explodes by Camila, former lover King Carlos III

The Peruvian has always distinguished herself by going against the lovers of men, so it was not strange that she was in charge of reacting to the news that after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, her son, he already became King Carlos III, in addition to his wife, Camila, becoming the Queen consort.

And it is that Laura Bozzo’s message was aimed at defending the honor and memory of Princess Diana of Wales, who is no secret to anyone, suffered humiliation from King Carlos III while they were married and one of the situations that overwhelmed her worst was discover his infidelities, especially with Camila Parker.

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