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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Funeral of José Luis Rodríguez? The truth about his ‘death’ is revealed

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  • They reveal the truth about the death of ‘El Puma’
  • They spread news that goes viral about the death of the singer
  • The true origin of the nickname “El Puma”

Jose Luis Rodriguez Funeral. Did they make it up or was it true? Rumors of the death of the 79-year-old Venezuelan singer occurred in February 2021, this paralyzed many people, who assured that the interpreter of ‘I have the right to be happy’ had passed away.

However, this was confirmed as a completely FALSE rumor and news, because through a YouTube channel that spread this news, many people were shocked and could not believe it. They made believe that the singer and actor had died, but apparently, this has not been the only death that they have made viral for causing a false death.

They invented the death of ‘El Puma’

Jose Luis Rodriguez Funeral

That was how the news spread. “The 78-year-old Puma died unexpectedly this Monday morning, after health complications after having overcome the coronavirus a couple of weeks ago,” the channel’s video reported. viral news in the month of February.

In fact, they even invented the disease and the dates on which said false event had occurred. He was admitted to a well-known clinic in the city of Miami last night, but his state of health was very critical”. They assured in said video. Filed Under: José Luis Rodríguez Funeral

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